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Avery Rush, Assistant Editor

Avery is a junior at La Salle. In her free time, she enjoys going thrifting and listening to music. On the weekends, she likes painting and hanging out with her friends.

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Coffee Shops in Portland That Offer Unique Experiences for Java Connoisseurs

February 10, 2021

Portland’s vast coffee scene provides locals and tourists with a large selection pool of delicious places to recharge themselves with caffeine. It can sometimes be challenging to choose which coffee...

Song of the Year is one of the four major categories awarded at the Grammys.

The “Songs of the Year” That Ruled the 2010s and What Made Them So Special

February 3, 2021

Music is the background of our lives. No matter the time or place, there is a song that perfectly fits the scenarios in our lives and represents the emotion behind them.  These ten songs were given...

Before La Salle transitioned to online learning last school year, sophomore Yendora Young participated in basketball and track. This year, she hopes to do the same.

Athlete of the Week: Yendora Young

February 3, 2021

For sophomore Yendora Young, basketball is an escape from the stressors of everyday life and a way to exert energy in a healthy way.  Since third grade, Young has been playing basketball both inside...

The opportunities for personal growth that came from this challenging year are among the most positive things to happen in 2020 for some.

La Salle Students Reflect on 2020 And Look Forward To 2021

January 6, 2021

2020 altered the lives of nearly every person on the planet in some way. With the coronavirus continuing to bring financial, mental, social, and physical struggles for millions in the United States, the...

“Remember that you’re disagreeing with the person about a certain topic, you’re not trying to go to battle against this particular individual,” psychologist Matthew Buckley said.

Political Issues Are Never Cut and Dry: How the 2020 Election Changed My Family’s Dynamic

December 16, 2020

For millions of Americans, the 2020 presidential election brought a dramatic rollercoaster of emotions. With the two-party system seeming to drive a wedge between us even further than typical elections,...

As the holiday season approaches, it can be difficult to choose gifts that people will truly appreciate, especially when the person you're purchasing a gift for is your parent. Here are some suggestions that might make your gift choices easier.

Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Gift Ideas to Buy for Your Parents

December 16, 2020

Finding the perfect gift for your parent can be a daunting task, especially if they give you the cliché idea of giving them a hug or a heartfelt card. Gifts that put a personal twist on your parent’s...

With the Christmas season taking place amid a pandemic this year, affordable gifts are the way to go.

Holiday Gift Guide: $10 and Under Presents to Purchase From Target

December 9, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has caused many families to experience financial struggle and uncertainty, leading to even further concerns around the expensive obligations of Christmas gift giving. Finding fun and...

Shopping from businesses that manufacture their products without using unethical practices and sweatshops is a great way to narrow down the selection pool so you feel good about your gift purchases.

Holiday Gift Guide: Sweatshop-Free Businesses to Support This Christmas

December 2, 2020

With the holiday season now in full swing, it can be challenging to find the right gifts for your loved ones, especially given the added shopping limitations from COVID-19. Shopping from businesses that...

Throughout her career, Winehouse was awarded seven Grammys, one of which she received for a memorializing documentary released four years after her passing.

Gone but Never Forgotten: Amy Winehouse’s Lasting Impact on the Music Industry

December 2, 2020

For today’s youth, the name Amy Winehouse may only be associated with a singer who passed away 10 some years ago or the artist of a couple of songs you heard on the radio as a kid. However, her music...

Talking about soccer, junior Molly Schmidt said,

Athlete of the Week: Molly Schmidt

November 11, 2020

For junior Molly Schmidt, soccer is the perfect way to stay connected with her family. As a young child, she picked up the sport through her parents’ encouragement, and today, is inspired to keep improving...

This Trader Joe’s is located near Johnson Creek in Clackamas, just up the road from La Salle.

These Eight Items are Must-Buy Fall Treats from Trader Joe’s

October 28, 2020

During the fall, a special treat can be just what you need to get yourself in the spirit of the season. From pumpkin spice lattes to apple cider and Halloween candy to pumpkin pie, the flavors this time...

Out of the ten states with the highest murder rates, seven still practice the death penalty.

The Death Penalty Has No Place in the American Justice System

September 30, 2020

Some laws and practices are important to maintain, as they help make and shape our democracy and hold traditions. However, practicing the death penalty is not a tradition that our country should keep any...

Senior Luke Strange is committed to play soccer at Wheaton College.

Next Level Seniors: Luke Strange Pursues a College-Level Soccer Career at Wheaton College

June 3, 2020

For senior Luke Strange, soccer has been a part of his life since before he can remember. While at first Strange wasn't completely confident that playing soccer in college was right for him, he said that...

11 Years Later, Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” Still Voices The Struggles of the Teen Experience

May 6, 2020

The following review discusses music with explicit content. On his debut studio album, “Man on the Moon: The End of Day,” Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi takes listeners on a journey through his thoughts...

Travis Rush, second from right, received a confirmed positive COVID-19 test.

How Living With a COVID-19 Patient Has Changed My Perspective on Social Distancing

April 8, 2020

I woke up last Thursday morning, April 2, and walked downstairs to get some breakfast before starting my online classes. My mom shoved a thermometer in my face and said, “Your dad tested positive for...

Jake Wilson plays lacrosse for La Salle and for one of the U.S. national teams.

Athlete of the Week: Jake Wilson

March 18, 2020

Sophomore Jake Wilson has been playing lacrosse for almost a decade, and with college approaching, he has no plans of stopping.  While juggling two lacrosse teams, as well as school, family, and a...

You can listen to Harry Styles’

Harry Styles Explores Heartbreak, Healing, And Self-Discovery On Sophomore Album “Fine Line”

February 26, 2020

Former One Direction band member Harry Styles recently came out with a new album titled "Fine Line" that holds a raw sense of vulnerability and brokenness, giving listeners a private look into his mind...

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