Meet The Falconer’s New Editors in Chief


Fia Cooper

As of the current semester, the three of us have served a combined total of 13 semesters for The Falconer.

Avery Rush, Brooklyn Chillemi, and Mary Loeb

Hello La Salle community! 

Our names are Avery Rush, Mary Loeb, and Brooklyn Chillemi, and we will serve this year as Editors in Chief for La Salle’s student-run news publication, The La Salle Falconer. To begin the new school year, we wanted to introduce ourselves to our readers. We also want you to know that you can reach out to us anytime if you have questions, comments, or concerns about The Falconer. 

As a fully student-run publication, The Falconer features work that is produced and edited solely by the students on staff. We are very excited to have two class periods with a total of 38 staff members contributing to The Falconer this semester, in comparison to the single-period, 20 member team last semester. Seeing this growth makes us so excited for the new year.

We are only the third set of Editors in Chief since was launched in 2014, and as Editors in Chief, we are fully committed to maintaining the integrity of the publication.

The Falconer serves as a forum for everyone in the La Salle community, whether it be students, teachers, administrators, and others in the surrounding community. Our goals as Editors in Chief lie in the ideals of producing journalism that is engaging, informative, and accurate. 

Striving for a professional standard of excellence is always our priority, and we aim to create journalism that mirrors the quality of work created in professional newsrooms. 

We are always working to create content that is engaging today, but we are also working to create a historical record of La Salle for future members of our school community. The events that take place at our school are ones that we want to be remembered for years to come, and we hope The Falconer serves as a messenger between past, present, and future staff and students.