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The student news site of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory.

The La Salle Falconer

The student news site of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory.

The La Salle Falconer

The distortion of truth surrounding the election is not just a difference of opinion. Its a matter of life and death for our democracy.

The Big Lie is Bigger Than You Think

Andrew Clair, Assistant Editor October 20, 2021

In July of 1861, 10 senators were expelled for perpetuating “a conspiracy against the peace and union of the United States Government,” as a result of their support for the succession of the Confederate...

Withered trees surrounded parts of the trail, giving much needed protection from the intense rays of desert sun.

How Thirst Gave Me Perspective On What Matters Most

Andrew Clair, Assistant Editor October 13, 2021

Smoke drifted in from wildfires farther south, graying out the otherwise beautiful sunset, coating the sky above me while strangling my lungs with each breath. As I desperately strode for the freshwater...

The Earth Club urges people to get educated about the time-sensitivity and effects of the climate crisis.

The Climate Crisis Urgently Demands Our Attention — Here Are Some Things You Can Do To Help

Lucy MacNeela, Staff Reporter October 6, 2021

The climate crisis is one of the most significant issues of our generation. Glaciers are melting, fires are ripping through the nation, and plastic is almost as common as fish in the ocean. It is a daunting...

Intersectionality is a term that was coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989.

Intersectionality: Why it Matters

Maya Raphael, Staff Reporter October 6, 2021

Picture an intersection.  Multiple streets conjoin to make one multifaceted area. It is intricate, versatile, and demands your attention.  If you ignore the convergence, you sabotage the individuals...

“Taxing the Rich” means taxing the top 2% of Americans according to the wealth tax that President Biden is proposing.

Why the Misunderstanding of “Tax the Rich” Is a Problem

Anna Waldron, Staff Reporter September 29, 2021

When progressive Democrats use the term “tax the rich,” it is to target the top 2% of America’s wealthiest, nothing else. A common misconception around taxing the rich is that taxes would increase...

My grandmother moved from Ghana, Africa to Lebanon when she was about five years old and later moved to Saudi Arabia.

A Devastating Humanitarian Crisis — How Lebanon’s People, Including My Family, Are Suffering

Olivia Fuchs, Staff Reporter September 29, 2021

My grandmother, a former citizen of Lebanon, is now living in America. She says that when she calls her sister, which she often does, the phone call gets abruptly cut off because the internet in Lebanon...

As of August 2021, 80% of La Salles student body is currently fully vaccinated.

The Second Largest School District in the Country Just Mandated Vaccines. So Should La Salle.

Andrew Clair, Assistant Editor September 15, 2021

Should we always put personal ‘freedom’ over the protection of the community? Following the example of school districts such as the Los Angeles school system, La Salle should mandate that all eligible...

I have really enjoyed my time over the past four years because I was able to take a hold of every moment, realize that it only comes around once, and make the most out of it. 

What I’ve Learned From High School: It’s No “High School Musical,” but It’s What You Make of It

Dakota Canzano, Editor June 2, 2021

High school — otherwise known as the most important four years of our lives so far, and a time period portrayed in classic movies such as “The Breakfast Club,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day off,” and...

My experience at La Salle has prepared me for the next chapter of my life, as it has shaped who I am and who I want to be in the future.

Tips for Underclassmen: How To Make the Most Out of High School

Olivia Aragon, Staff Reporter June 2, 2021

Friday, May 28 was my last day of high school, and although I haven’t graduated yet, this chapter of my life is coming to a close.  I won’t get to sit in Mr. Dreisbach’s class again and get to...

On April 27, students wrote down their thoughts about next school years bell schedule on post-it notes in the library after classes.

We Deserve To Be Listened To: Adjust Next Year’s Bell Schedule

Brooklyn Chillemi, Editor May 5, 2021

Beep. Beep. Beep.  Just five more minutes, please.  Back when I didn’t even recognize the term “COVID-19,” I woke up with the quietly chirping birds before sunrise for my zero period choir...

Support for the Black Lives Matter movement has been displayed in the form of signs.

Racism is Still Rampant and You Still Need to Call It Out

Avery Eldon, Staff Reporter April 28, 2021

After last year's explosive outroar among millions of people, from young children to senior citizens, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement following the killing of George Floyd, there has been...

One of the important takeaways I got from spending the day without speaking: silence can be a burden.

Day of Silence: Why I Participated

Avery Marks, Staff Reporter April 28, 2021

Towards the end of my last period on Thursday, April 22, a friend asked if I’d like to help them hang some posters around the school for the Day of Silence.  Before April 22, I had never heard anything...

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The student news site of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory.