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Letter to the Editor: To Truly Be an Inclusive School, La Salle Needs to Do Better

“In my school consisting of 704 students, only 37% of us identify as culturally diverse. In a majority of my classes, I have been one of the only people of color.”

June 5, 2020

Letters to the editor, which can be sent to [email protected], are published at the discretion of the student editors. To the editor, My name is Mia Ly, and I am a graduating senior at La Salle. I haven’t spoken up much during my time at La Salle, but it’s about time I do. I’ve internali...

Mi Cultura Is Not Your Fashion

The Chicana culture is not a fashion statement. A recent TikTok displaying it as so is an upsetting example of cultural appropriation.

Alexa Ramirez-Hernandez, Staff Reporter

June 3, 2020

As most of you know by now, there is a trending app that many teens use called TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform where people have the chance to share many different forms of creative content. Recently, a video was uploaded to the app by a group of five teenage girls and the Chicana/Hispani...

Sexual Assault Is a Real Issue That Deserves Our Attention

Sexual assault is not something we should be learning about for the first time during our freshman, sophomore and junior years of high school. We need to be discussing and preventing it at much younger ages. 

Avery Eldon, Staff Reporter

June 3, 2020

This story contains content that could be upsetting to some readers. Every 73 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, becoming a victim of unwanted sexual touching, attempted, or completed rape.  You never know if or when you will be next.  While only living sixteen years in this world...

Zodiac Signs: Are They Actually True?

Astrology readings are based upon a person's date of birth and how it corresponds with the arrangement of the stars.

Gretchen Shea, Staff Reporter

May 13, 2020

Astrology has been a part of the human race for thousands of years. We have used the stars for farming, traveling, telling time, and now, predicting the future. There are hundreds of social media accounts, hashtags, and posts about zodiac signs on nearly all forms of social media, but how much of it i...

We Are Not Ready for Adulthood—That’s Why We Need Home-Ec

Home economic classes would help to better prepare students for life on their own.

Fia Cooper, Staff Reporter

May 13, 2020

At the start of the 20th century, home economics classes were introduced to schools. However, starting in the 1960s, the skills taught in these classes were deemed unlikely to lead to employment, and as a result, funding for these programs started to diminish. Home economic classes would prepare students...

COVID-19 Has Already Caused Enough Stress. AP Exams Shouldn’t Make It Worse.

Having students take AP exams at home, especially with the new modified format, adds unnecessary concern and stress as they complete digital learning during quarantine.

Mandy Sisul, Assistant Editor

May 6, 2020

Being at home during the COVID-19 outbreak is already stressful enough for us high school students. Almost every weekday, we are asked to complete assignments digitally in order to finish the semester from home.  While we are completing and turning in DLD work, we are not learning the same way t...

Editorial: This Is Not a “Coronacation” — Quarantine Is Not Over Yet

An urgent care center in Oregon City displays signs warning visitors to take necessary social distancing precautions.

The Editorial Board

April 29, 2020

Quarantine is not a celebration. It is not a chance to hang out with your friends. It is not a break from your classes. It is not a “coronacation.” We are not even close to the finish line at the end of quarantine. Yet despite the warnings, people are still continuing to hang out with others from...

Why We Shouldn’t Be Using Zoom

Zoom has a long history of security and privacy breaches.

Andrew Clair, Staff Reporter

April 29, 2020

As most of us know by now, Zoom, created by billionaire Eric Yuan, is an online communications platform that went from being nearly unheard of by some to becoming the default application for videoconferencing in the wake of the COVID-19 calamity. The now-burgeoning pandemic happened quickly, and no one could h...

The Little Things Matter: Why We Shouldn’t Take Anything for Granted

Over the course of quarantine, I believe many of us have come to conclusion that we have taken something for granted.

Dakota Canzano, Editor

April 22, 2020

What are the moments you simply take for granted? Is it school? Seeing your friends or teachers? Getting to spend time with the ones you love? I believe at some point in our lives, we have all underestimated the value of time because we often think the world is in the palm of our hands, and that w...

First Comes the Love, Then Comes the Marriage?

A collage of some couples whose relationships ended in divorce or separation, and some that are still together and in healthy relationships.

Kiran Vogt, Staff Reporter

April 22, 2020

More often than not, many young girls grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding and ideal husband. We grow up watching rom-coms and seeing “perfect” couples and happy endings. In reality, about 200 divorces happen during the roughly two hour runtime of a romantic comedy. Throughout my life, I could never see myself getting marri...

Not the End I Had Imagined: How COVID-19 Took Away My Senior Year

With many events being either canceled or postponed, students are wondering what will happen next.

Kalei Carter, Staff Reporter

April 15, 2020

I think it’s safe to say that no one saw this coming. Who knew that on March 12 at 7:45 a.m., I would be entering La Salle for the last time? I have always been a planner. I have a schedule, and I like to stick to it. Ever since sixth grade, I knew where I was going to high school, college, and wha...

What It’s Like Being an Essential Worker During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the outbreak of COVID-19, everything I’ve become accustomed to over the course of this last year has changed drastically.

Mallory Middendorff, Assistant Editor

April 15, 2020

On Monday, March 23, when Governor Kate Brown issued the ‘stay at home’ order, my initial concern was the amount of time we would be away from school. What I didn’t think about was how this might affect my part-time job as a server at a retirement home, where I’m considered an essential worker....

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