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The student news site of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory.

The La Salle Falconer

The student news site of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory.

The La Salle Falconer

New dreams and aspirations filled the void I have been seeking to fill throughout my high school experience.

Finding Clarity And New Perspective: My Chicago Experience

Kathleen Waldron, Staff Reporter November 30, 2022

The early morning August air breezed by me as I said the final goodbye to my sister who would now live halfway across the country. I sat in my car feeling jealous of her. I felt angry that she now gets...

“Do not referee a girls game the same way you would a boys game. Girls are much less likely to want to play through some contact with opponents that boys typically want to shrug off,” said Patrick Duffy, OSAA’s soccer rules interpreter in a sexist bulletin that was sent out to coaches, athletic directors and soccer referees in Oregon.

Same Name Different Game — The Sexist Differences Between Girls and Boys Soccer

Clare Daudelin, Assistant Editor November 16, 2022

Despite the induction of Title IX — a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex — into common law and culture, disparities between boys and girls sports still run rampant, especially...

While it may not be about bonfires and spirits anymore, Halloween still holds a very special place in our hearts.

Halloween Matters: A Story of Traditions, Old and New

Mackenzie Torres and Cadence Wooden November 1, 2022

Halloween is often considered a throwaway holiday — one that you grow out of once you hit your teens. But this isn’t fair to those who consider it an important tradition with rich ties to history....

The focus of true crime has shifted from sharing content in an informative way, to the entertainment value of the crimes and the profits that can be made from disturbing content.

Information or Exploitation? The Problems With True Crime

Sofia Gonzalez, Staff Reporter October 19, 2022

True crime is a genre that you can’t avoid. You would think that with all the violence and crime in the world, we would want a break when we turn on the television or open a book. Yet for many, that...

Venezuelan migrants in San Antonio, Texas were approached on the street by government officials who offered them fast-food gift cards and a free flight to a “sanctuary” in Massachusetts; they had no idea this would be an upscale vacation destination with little opportunities for them.

Migrants Are Not Political Pawns — America’s Broken Promise to Those Fleeing Violence

Lucy MacNeela, Editor October 12, 2022

In mid-September, dozens of South American asylum-seeking migrants, primarily Venezuelan, arrived in planes, funded by Florida residents’ tax dollars, to Martha’s Vineyard, a very wealthy island in...

Starting to apply to colleges can be daunting, but the sooner you start, the less stressed you will be in the end.

What’s Next? — How to Start College Applications

Avery Marks, Editor October 5, 2022

During senior year, the influx of “what’s next?” questions start to flood in from relatives, friends, and others wondering where you want to go to college and what major you plan to study.  For...

Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8, passing her rule on to Charles III, who has now taken the position of King of England.

It’s Time to Do Away With the British Monarchy

Brooks Coleman, Staff Reporter September 28, 2022

On Sept. 8, Queen Elizabeth II died. A global icon is now gone, and her death felt seismic when it happened, even if you didn’t pay any attention to the lives of the royal family. The queen was laid...

“We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers,” said Bayard Rustin, an African American leader in social movements for civil rights, socialism, nonviolence, and gay rights.

Recognizing Those Who Fought for the Rights of the LGBTQ Community

Noemi Skovierova, Staff Reporter June 1, 2022

Although LGBTQ representation has dramatically risen last few years, it has been a part of activism culture for decades. As Pride Month starts this year, despite attention sometimes shifting to other issues...

Getting the recommended amount of sleep each night is especially hard for students when factoring in the varying start times of our weekly schedule.

Consistent Wake-Up Times Are Crucial to Teen’s Health

Avery Marks and Megan Snyder June 1, 2022

Mental health is already a recognized issue among teenagers, and with sleep being an important factor of mental health, it is as important as ever that people — especially teens — are getting not only...

Civility can serve to bring us together, but it can also force disingenuous cooperation that does more harm than good.

The Dangers of Unbridled Civility

Andrew Clair, Editor May 25, 2022

Civility is often a necessary prerequisite for productive conversation. For those of us who occasionally argue with our parents at the dinner table, we know the moment one person raises their voice, the...

Drug decriminalization would foster an environment in which rehabilitative resources are accessible, viable, and encouraged, replacing a system plagued with corruption and degradation.

Decriminalization: A Step Toward Easing Our Nation’s Drug Epidemic

Maya Raphael, Assistant Editor May 17, 2022

Every 23 seconds in America, someone is arrested for drug possession.  Shortly after this, a narrative is forced upon them — one that we have been conditioned to take as the truth. One that dehumanizes...

AP testing takes place in the La Salle library, where signs are posted on the doors to warn students and faculty to stay away.

AP Places Exams Over Experience

Clare Daudelin, Staff Reporter May 11, 2022

This whole year has felt like a race.  In AP classes, we have been racing to get through all the material and racing to get the highest grade. The rigid curriculum of Advanced Placement (AP) courses...

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