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The student news site of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory.

The La Salle Falconer

The student news site of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory.

The La Salle Falconer

Many celebrities are starting to stir away from Ticketmaster due to problems like overpricing and website issues, the most recent being Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour fiasco.

Want To Enjoy the Summer Concert Season? Avoid Ticketmaster

Maddy Lafollette, Staff Reporter March 22, 2023

On Nov. 15, 2022, 1.5 million fans received verified fan codes in an attempt to get tickets for the concerts in Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Ticketmaster then began to glitch, the site crashed, and there...

The missed diagnoses of ADHD have a disproportionate effect on young women.

Misunderstood and Misdiagnosed: The Long-Term Effects of ADHD in Women

Ruby Batcheller, Staff Reporter March 8, 2023

Around 5.6% of women and girls are impacted by attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), however this is only the percentage of those who have been diagnosed. The frequent underdiagnosis of ADHD...

Philosopher Marshall McLuhan characterized technological advancements as extensions and amputations. For example, before television, there was the radio, before radio, there was print, and before print, there was word of mouth. When we made the move from radio to television, we gained visuals but in turn required users to dedicate two senses to the medium of television.

Video Killed the Radio Star but Streaming Isn’t Too Far Behind

John Pham, Assistant Editor March 1, 2023

Arising from a needed distraction in the face of a numb slog, I tried to wean myself off of the habit of streaming services as a whole. I no longer felt the same engagement or enjoyment I once had. Fortunately,...

Valentine’s Day is a national holiday that’s everywhere, yet you have to be in a relationship to celebrate it. Isn’t it time to change the holiday’s focus?

Breaking Free From Valentine’s Day’s Romantic Focus

Lilah Ruud, Staff Reporter February 8, 2023

Valentine’s Day is the day full of hearts, chocolates, and love. The focus of the holiday is to spend time with your special someone, treating each other to gifts, quality time, and other forms of appreciation.  There...

 Even though one million monthly listeners on Spotify barely make artists a living wage, hardly any pressure has been put on the streaming service.

Why Spotify’s Pay Structure Is Unfair to Artists

Brooks Coleman, Staff Reporter February 8, 2023

If you’ve ever taken a trip to your local record store, you may have noticed the high prices of the albums that fill the store’s shelves. At best, a CD will set you back $9.99, while a vinyl record...

While seemingly trivial, our word choice is extremely influential, possessing the power to maintain or terminate harmful stereotypes.

Language Matters: 6 Words We Need To Retire

Maya Raphael, Editor February 8, 2023

Language is alive — constantly evolving to most accurately bridge the gap between experiencing and verbalizing.  It is important to evolve with language, changing not only your vocabulary but also...

Although in recent years more Generation Z and Millennial individuals have been voting, there is still a lack of age range in our elected positions.

It’s Time To Retire — Make Room for the Next Generation

Lucy MacNeela, Editor February 1, 2023

Many Americans fantasize about the day that they can retire from their jobs. It is a chance to step back from the pressures and stress that burden the workforce and begin a new chapter in one's adult life....

Introducing AI technology into the art world is dangerous. Having the ease of creating new visual concepts right at your fingertips within a matter of seconds is compromising the humanity behind the creative process. The inner image in this photo illustration was created using DALL-E 2, an AI image generator.

Technology Is No Substitute for Soul — Are AI Images Threatening the Creative Process?

Clare Daudelin, Assistant Editor February 1, 2023

Art is and has been the unsung hero of human existence as a whole since the dawn of our modern humanity. Its beginnings can be found within the earth in ancient caves that span all over the world. The...

There are many health benefits to cutting meat completely out of your diet.

It’s More Than a Fad – Why We Became Vegetarian

Clara Hudson and Sofia Gonzalez January 18, 2023

Being a vegetarian means you do not eat meat, instead opting for a diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and often eggs and dairy products depending on the person. Choosing to become...

Turning 16 comes with all sorts of new experiences — driving, working a job, and paying taxes. Yet, they cant vote?

Too Young To Have a Say, but Old Enough To Pay

Lucy MacNeela, Editor January 11, 2023

The countdown until I turn 18 looms over my head. The age is highly anticipated as a turning point when you mature from a mere child to an adult. When the clock strikes midnight, you are permitted to experience...

For so long, I felt like my mind was my enemy — provoking persistent anxiety and depression — but through a challenging, introspective process, I am learning that it is my biggest asset.

My Mental Health Journey: Harnessing the Power of My Mind

Maya Raphael, Editor January 4, 2023

The following article discusses sensitive material about mental health, including the topic of suicide. First, I started therapy. I rendered it unfit for my needs. So, I saw a psychologist. Later, I...

Steve Lacy’s growth on TikTok may have negatively affected his music career in the long run.

Has TikTok Ruined Music?

Tyler Hutton, Staff Reporter January 4, 2023

The well-known app, TikTok, launched in September 2016 and has made headlines ever since. With roughly one billion users on the app, TikTok is one of the biggest and most influential apps to ever touch...

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