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Ms. Conner, Director of Service, hopes that people in the community can acknowledge that life-saving doesn’t require “wearing tights and a cape and jumping off a building,” Ms. Conner said. It can also look like spending just 30 minutes of your day giving blood.

Facing Fears and Saving Lives: La Salle’s Students and Staff Participate in Blood Donation

John Pham and Kayah Cieslak September 20, 2023

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, La Salle’s new Director of Service, Ms. Olivya Conner, sat in front of the gym, diligently asking any passersby if they had a moment to spare. “I think I created a lot...

Finding something that was durable, lighter in color, and would not look out of date in the years to come were all factors in selecting the new floor. “We wanted something that will stand the test of time,” said Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Mr. Matthew Winningham.

Lights, Floors and Bulletin Boards: Here’s the New Main Hallway

Josephine Robinson, Editor in Chief September 13, 2023

With the start of a new school year this fall, there are once again some noticeable differences around La Salle. Over the past couple of years La Salle’s campus has seen many new updates, with the...

“It has been a blessing to work on a team with Ms. Brigham. A team of two college counselors gives us the opportunity for more outreach to students as well as building additional college application flex times into the fall and spring for juniors and seniors,” Ms. Hanley said.

Steps Toward Success: The College Counseling Department Updates Its Practices

Mackenzie Torres, Assistant Editor May 31, 2023

For many upperclassmen, the college application process is intimidating, excessively time-consuming, and can seem never-ending. Fortunately for La Salle students, the college counseling department is actively...

This year’s valedictorians include Carson Frick, Nate Dominitz, Ellie Sandholm, and Onni Barron. The salutatorians are Gabriel de Leon and Catie Tassinari.

The High School Journey in Academics and Beyond: Class of 2023 Valedictorians and Salutatorians Share Their Stories

As the 2022-2023 school year comes to a close, it's once again time to wish our seniors luck as they get ready to move on from La Salle. Following the yearly tradition, the administration has chosen...

In her three years as Director of Equity and Inclusion, Ms. Kiah Mounsey has dedicated her time at La Salle to making progress in promoting a more equitable and inclusive community.

Leaving Behind a Legacy at La Salle, Ms. Mounsey Prepares To Depart

Lillian Paugh and Lucy Loeb May 24, 2023

Over the last three years in her position as the Director of Equity and Inclusion, Ms. Kiah Mounsey has made strides for La Salle to advance the school’s policies, working to create a more inclusive...

“I think theres a spirit among us that is still very much there that we had when we graduated,” Terry Joy said.

Falcons Return to the Nest for Golden Falcon Luncheon

Seleste Maldonado Ruiz, Staff Reporter May 24, 2023

On Friday, May 19, La Salle hosted its second annual Golden Falcon Luncheon. This year's event reunited the class of 1973 after 50 years. Although this new tradition was originally set to begin...

To end his campaign speech, junior Ezra Moody left the stage saying his campaign slogan: “Fear how much I love you.”

Ezra Moody: Taking a Lead in Leadership 2023–24

Lilah Ruud, Staff Reporter May 24, 2023

Gathering in the school gym for flex time, students talked among themselves before the assembly began. Soon as everyone had gathered, the presentation was underway and campaign speeches for student government...

Following the pandemic and worldwide adjustments made to schooling and students lives, the topic of mental health and the struggles that students are facing remains prevalent.

“It Is an Issue That Is Growing”: La Salle Talks Mental Health

Lillian Paugh and Lucas Pinaire May 24, 2023

In his 2021 Youth Mental Health Advisory, the Surgeon General said that “the challenges today’s generation of young people face are unprecedented and uniquely hard to navigate. And the effect these...

Students and their families were welcomed to tour La Salle for the annual Academic Showcase.

Academics and Accolades: La Salle Holds Annual Academic Showcase

John Pham, Assistant Editor May 17, 2023

On Wednesday, May 17, La Salle held its Academic Showcase. After school concluded with an early dismissal, staff prepared their classes and halls for the evening, showcasing students’ work. Welcoming...

With the rise in accessibility of A.I. and chatbots, La Salle has been forced to navigate the blurred lines of helpful versus destructive uses of A.I. in an academic setting.

Chatting About Chatbots: La Salle Responds to A.I.

Lillian Paugh and Lucy MacNeela May 17, 2023

Beginning with ChatGPT’s sudden launch late last year and the subsequent fascination with A.I. that OpenAI’s large language model spurred, talks around A.I. and the floodgates it has seemingly opened...

Participants were given a sticker after volunteering, and the sticker they received depended on the outcome of the success of their donation.

La Salle Holds Spring Blood Drive

Lillian Paugh and Hannah Whiteside May 10, 2023

For the second time this school year, La Salle held a blood drive, where students and staff were able to volunteer to donate blood during allotted times throughout the school day in the La Salle gym...

Students lined up at the taco stand with Principal Ms. Alanna O’Brien seen serving.

New Festival Finds Roots at La Salle

John Pham, Assistant Editor May 3, 2023

Over the course of a week, starting on Monday, April 24, La Salle celebrated its first Roots Festival. The first event of its kind at La Salle, the festival was intended to share and celebrate La Salle’s...

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