Coffee Shops in Portland That Offer Unique Experiences for Java Connoisseurs


Avery Rush

Featured in the picture above is a “flat white” from Proud Mary coffee.

Avery Rush, Assistant Editor

Portland’s vast coffee scene provides locals and tourists with a large selection pool of delicious places to recharge themselves with caffeine. It can sometimes be challenging to choose which coffee shop to try since there are so many options all unique in their own way.

These six coffee shops all have something different, but equally special, to offer. All of these locations serve delicious coffee, with eccentric ambiances that capture the true essence of Portland.

Proud Mary:

Proud Mary is an Australian-based cafe that sells delicious coffee, as well as smoothies, juices, and unique breakfast and lunch dishes. Typically, the cafe offers tables for seating that are temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19; however, you can still order coffee to go from their walkup window.

Their coffee drinks are simple but are made carefully, with incredible attention to detail. Drinks like the flat white (my personal favorite) and the latte feature beautiful designs drawn in the foam when ordered hot.


Tov is one of the most distinctive coffee shops in Portland and will provide customers with an unforgettable visit. The cafe is Egyptian themed and is housed inside of an old double-decker bus with tables and chairs on both levels. 

Their menu has plenty to offer with drinks inspired by Egypt, including salhep, karkadeh, and Turkish tea. The drinks are delicious, but the true charm of Tov is its unforgettable atmosphere and nod to Egyptian culture.


Guilder is a light, clean, modern-looking cafe that takes menu inspiration from Scandinavian food and drink. The shop is located on Fremont street and has two levels — one of which is the airy loft with tables and chairs that sits above the rest of the cafe.

The appearance and vibe of the shop are some of the main elements of Guilder that made my experience so enjoyable. With art from local artists plastered on the walls and a charming brownstone front, Guilder is a gem that should not be missed.

Deadstock Coffee Roasters:

Deadstock Coffee is where sneakerheads and coffee connoisseurs’ worlds intertwine. The cafe is particularly known for the intricate sneaker designs encrypted in the foam of their drinks.

The offered designs include, but are not limited to, multiple Air Jordan styles, Nike Uptempos, and Air Force Ones. The ambiance of the restaurant fits the unique drinks, with basketball and sneaker decorations sprinkled throughout the interior.

Never Coffee:

While Never Coffee might be one of the less unique shops on this list, that does not mean it disappoints. The inside of the shop is straight out of a Pinterest board and serves as the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. 

The menu offers classic coffee and tea drinks, as well as a few of their own concoctions with names that determine the design that is drawn in the foam. To accompany your beverage, I suggest trying the almond croissant or one of their other delicious bakery items.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: 

Stumptown Coffee’s flagship location is not necessarily unique, but it will fulfill the expectations of any coffee lover. The shop takes its namesake from Portland’s longtime nickname and has opened a roastery and annex in Portland following its 1999 grand opening.

They keep the menu simple and put their focus on providing people with espresso that is crafted to perfection. Stumptown Coffee also sells most of their beans, which can be made using their online guide which instructs you on how to brew them in a number of different ways.