Executive Council Plans a Night of “Viva Las Vegas” Fun for Seniors


Reilly Smith

The night will include activities such as mini golf, roulette, and poker.

Avery Rush, Assistant Editor

Although COVID-19 has brought on several challenges and cancellations, many seniors can now look forward to an admired high school tradition. 

On May 15, La Salle will host a prom-like event for seniors, giving them an opportunity to enjoy the company of their peers one last time before graduation.

“We concluded on a Viva Las Vegas theme,” Officer of Community Danny Nguyen said. “So all of the things that you would normally find in Las Vegas, then mixed in with a little bit of prom.”

Executive Council collaborated to create an agenda for the night that is packed with activities like poker, mini golf, a caricature artist, and a professional photographer. The event will take place in La Salle’s academic courtyard, located between the main hallways.

In an effort to keep the night as close to a normal prom as possible, the planning committee decided to have a formal dress code, which allows attendees to dress in traditional prom attire while still requiring face masks.  

While the invite list is seniors only, each senior is allowed to bring one date who can be a La Salle student, or someone from a different school.

“I’m very excited about still having the opportunity to be around my friends in the prom setting,” senior Mandy Sisul said. “Even though it’s an abnormal year, it’s been very fun to go with friends to try on prom dresses and plan the night overall.

In regards to planning around the pandemic, La Salle’s Director of Community, Ms. Liz Banta said that the planning committee did face some challenges. “Due to county metrics we aren’t able to have it out of a venue,” she said. “But because we’re a private school we’re able to follow the Oregon Department of Education guidelines and have it on our campus.”

Prom will take place almost a month after Oregon opened vaccine eligibility up for people 16 years and older, which allows students time to at least get the first dose of the vaccine before attending the event.

A majority of La Salle’s executive council members planned the event with other students who wanted to be part of the planning process, which commenced about two months ago. “I think we had a total of maybe two or three meetings with whoever wanted to help out,” Nguyen said.

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases among the student body, taking extra care in following the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention’s guidelines is crucial in preserving the ability to have prom. “The folks that are quarantined are not seniors,” Banta said. “But if it spreads to seniors, I have a feeling that plans might change, which I’m hoping does not happen.”

Despite concerns that students might have about the event, Nguyen feels that seniors should attend, as it is their last chance to gather together before graduation.

“Prom will be in the mid-month of May for all of us, which means after that there’s only going to be a week and a half of us left in school,” he said. “So I would just say come and do it — just have fun.”

Sisul also feels that the event is a fun opportunity for seniors, even if it doesn’t live up to previous expectations they had for prom.

“Even if the prom itself isn’t as much fun as we anticipate, we will still have the opportunity to get dressed up and take fun prom pictures with our friends,” Sisul said. “I think no matter what happens, it will be a memorable night that I’m looking forward to.”