La Salle Community Gathers for Easter Mass in the Gym

Avery Rush and Nicholas Hounton

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  • Principal Ms. Alanna O’Brien served the Holy Eucharist to students during Communion.

  • The three priests, Monsignor John Cihak, Father John Marshall, and Father Maxy D’Costa consecrated the Eucharist.

  • Choir students sang a variety of songs throughout the Mass, with many students and staff joining in.

  • President Mr. Andrew Kuffner gave an introductory speech at the beginning of the service.

  • Choir teacher Mr. Otto Wild directed students through different songs throughout the Mass.

  • Senior Amanda Rivera administered Communion during the Mass.

  • The three priests proceeded toward the altar at the beginning of the Mass.

  • The entire student body gathered in the gymnasium to celebrate Easter Mass.

  • Students and staff applauded and joined in song as Mass came to a close.

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On Wednesday, April 20, La Salle celebrated Easter and the end of the liturgical Lent season by taking part in a Mass held in the gym. The school community gathered in the morning during Falcon Flex Time for the service, then students returned to their Homeroom classes before finishing out the school day.

There were three priests leading the Mass, all of whom serve at Catholic churches in the Portland area — these priests were Father John Marshall from St. John the Baptist, Monsignor John Cihak from Christ the King, and Father Maxy D’Costa from St. John the Apostle.

Slides were displayed during the Mass to help guide attendees, displaying song lyrics and prayer responses for them to follow along with. “We found that in making a slideshow students usually are more inclined to participate in Mass,” said senior Natalie Fuchs, Officer of Faith.