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Keeping the Faith Club Creates a Supportive Environment for Discussing Religion

While the Keeping the Faith Club only meets on Zoom once a month, senior Anthony Nguyen aims to post Bible reflections every Sunday.
January 13, 2021

With religious organizations like churches and youth groups being restricted due to COVID-19 regulations, many students don’t have a place where they can go for religious support. That is why seniors...

Student of the Week: Charlotta Schreuder 

Senior Charlotta Schreuder plays the viola because
January 13, 2021

Senior Charlotta Schreuder has spent her high school career balancing an array of activities, from running, to art, to music.  Schreuder picked up running in the fifth grade when she joined a running...

“I’m Just Along for the Ride, We’ll See How It Goes”: How Freshmen Are Adjusting to Their First Year of High School… Online

With this school year being entirely virtual so far for La Salle students, The Falconer interviewed six freshmen from a variety of middle schools and wrote individual profiles on how they are adjusting to high school.
January 6, 2021

The Falconer spoke with six freshmen in order to get to know them and how they are adjusting to digital learning for their first year of high school.  From speech and debate to sports teams, and from...

La Salle Students Reflect on 2020 And Look Forward To 2021

The opportunities for personal growth that came from this challenging year are among the most positive things to happen in 2020 for some.
January 6, 2021

2020 altered the lives of nearly every person on the planet in some way. With the coronavirus continuing to bring financial, mental, social, and physical struggles for millions in the United States, the...

Student of the Week: Joshly Huitzil-Interian

“I just appreciate what I have a lot, and I think that’s what motivates me,” senior Joshly Huitzil-Interian said.
January 6, 2021

For senior Joshly Huitzil-Interian, the pandemic has brought an intermixing of her home life with her school life. Huitzil-Interian said that while doing online classes at home, she also manages other...

“Finding Myself”: Members of the LGBTQ+ Community Share Their Experiences at La Salle

According to the Williams Institute, Oregon has the second highest LGBTQ+ population per capita in the U.S., just behind the District of Columbia.
The Falconer spoke with six LGBTQ-identifying individuals. Here are their stories and perspectives.
December 16, 2020

For students at La Salle, COVID-19 has brought various changes and challenges, whether it be coping with the difficulties of digital learning, spending more time with family, or isolation from friends...

Student of the Week: Gabe El Youssef

“I just have an innate desire to learn, and no matter how hard the work is, I find that I’m always learning something,” junior Gabe El Youssef said.
December 16, 2020

Junior Gabe El Youssef was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, which he calls the “best city in the world.”  When El Youssef was in second grade, attending St. Therese Catholic School, he heard...

Student of the Week: Ryan Schraner

“The most important thing in my life is probably skateboarding and just hanging out with my friends,” senior Ryan Schraner said.
December 9, 2020

Senior Ryan Schraner has been skateboarding for almost a year and said that he loves it more than anything. He spends the days when it isn’t raining – which have become scarce as we approach winter...

Student of the Week: Brooks Coleman

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Coleman said that he’s learned to “appreciate school for what it is, which is a way to learn as well as a way to connect with your friends and meet people.” 
December 2, 2020

He sits. He relaxes. He turns on the television, eyes glued to the screen. Brooks Coleman has been watching sports on TV since he was five years old. “My life is a lot of sports,” Coleman said.  Coleman...

To Connect With Others Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, Card Writing Club Gets Creative

Despite new and more rigorous COVID-19 guidelines in Oregon, the Card Writing Club is still connecting with the community.
December 2, 2020

With social distancing measures in place, senior Gretchen Pauli found it hard to connect with her community, and was motivated to create the Card Writing Club at La Salle.  “I feel like that is a...

English Teacher Mr. Paul Dreisbach Pushes His Students Towards Curiosity and Persistence

“What I’ve really tried to encourage my students to do… is reach out,” Mr. Dreisbach said. “Talk to people, express your frustrations, say the things that are on your mind.
November 18, 2020

After many long days at the library sending numerous resumes into the deep job void and hearing nothing but silence, Mr. Paul Dreisbach was starting to lose hope in the idea of being an English teacher...

Student of the Week: Dom Burkhart

Junior Dom Burkhart says that he is really fortunate to go to La Salle, “a lot of people don’t have access to an education like the one I get, and I think it’s super important to remember that and take advantage of what I am given.”
November 18, 2020

Junior Dom Burkhart may be taking five AP and honors classes, but that doesn't stop him from getting outside.  Burkhart grew up being active in nature with his family. No matter if it's mountain biking...

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