Athlete of the Week: Yendora Young


Julia Tran

Before La Salle transitioned to online learning last school year, sophomore Yendora Young participated in basketball and track. This year, she hopes to do the same.

Avery Rush, Assistant Editor

For sophomore Yendora Young, basketball is an escape from the stressors of everyday life and a way to exert energy in a healthy way. 

Since third grade, Young has been playing basketball both inside and outside of school. Following in the footsteps of her older brothers, Young has always felt able to succeed thanks to her family’s support.

Despite constant support from her coaches and teammates, Young sometimes feels that it is challenging to find the drive to improve, especially given the current lack of playing time from coronavirus-related closures. “Trying to keep yourself motivated is definitely hard, because once you know you mess up it’s hard to come back from that,” Young said.

Now that La Salle plans to begin seasonal sports after almost a year of absence, Young is hoping to play basketball during the winter sports season, which will take place during the spring this year. To withstand the lack of structured sport seasons during lockdown, Young spent time practicing basketball with her younger brother.

In addition to practicing her basketball skills, Young has also been running to stay in shape. Young was on the track team at La Salle last school year before the season was cancelled, but she plans to participate this year if the season happens.

“I do want to give track another try because I didn’t get the full experience,” Young said. Running is something that Young does to stay in shape, but it is also something that she finds enjoyment in which led her to try out for track.

The social aspect that comes with basketball is an important aspect of the game for Young. “I think [the] majority of the people I talk to are definitely on the basketball team,” Young said.

Young said she has also formed a strong bond with her coaches, which is of strong value to her. “Having that support when times get tough, that’s always good to hear,” Young said. 

One of Young’s most cherished moments from her basketball career is an interaction that she shared with her coaches. Young said that her coaches reassuring her and telling her that she was needed on the team was something that helped her want to work harder on her game.

Another supportive force that keeps Young going during her games is the constant support she has from her grandma. “She tries to make it to as many games as possible,” Young said.” Even if my parents couldn’t make it, I knew that she’d be there.”

Other members of Young’s family have been involved with basketball, including her cousins and her older brothers. However, she said her younger brother is the person in her family that she shares the strongest bond with through the sport. 

Young considers the prospects of a college basketball career often, but isn’t set on the idea of furthering her competitive career. If Young does not further her basketball career in college, she still hopes to remain active in practicing the sport past high school. 

If Young eventually has children, she plans to encourage them to give basketball a try. “I’d definitely try to encourage them because it’s a really big part of our family,” Young said.

In a final word of advice from Young to those who are considering taking up basketball, she encouraged people to prioritize their own goals.“Without self-motivation, it’s hard to stay focused,” Young said. Try to encourage yourself to move past the mistakes that you’ve made or do better [next time].”