Humans of La Salle: Favorite Restaurants

Julianna Sprague, Staff Reporter

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Whether it is because of the food, the atmosphere or anything in between, everyone has that one special place where they love to eat There are many different places around the Portland area where students, faculty and staff of La Salle love to go. Since there is a variety of restaurants that people at La Salle enjoy going to, we asked ten members of the La Salle community what their favorites are, and this is what they said:



Jessica Loboy: “My favorite restaurant is the Le Bistro Montage because it’s really edgy and cool and you get really good food there.”


Emma Foteff: “I like The Old Spaghetti Factory. Their food is delicious. I love spaghetti. I love all pasta I guess, so it’s just one of my favorites.”



Olivia Nomura: “The restaurant I like to go to is Yataimura Maru. It’s a Japanese restaurant and I like to go there because I like Japanese food.”


Grant Starr: “The restaurant I like is a Thai restaurant that my family goes to a lot, it’s called Arawan. I like it a lot because the food there is really good and also because we’ve been going for a couple of years now pretty consistently so they know who we are. So we always come in and we know all of the people so not only is the food good but the actual people there are really good too.”



Olë Arntson: “I prefer to go to The Local Cow in downtown Gresham because they have fresh cut meat and really good fries down there. The ketchup is awesome and they also have handmade milkshakes.”


Virginia Jacobs: “Red Robin has bottomless fries and that is really nice. The Cheesecake Factory is a fun place to go to but not a lot because it is kind of expensive but it makes you feel fancy and Burgerville because it is a good, quick and easy option.”



Jonathan Green: “I enjoy eating the food at Happy Hollow in Clackamas, Oregon because they have epic music and pizza.”


Ezabelle El-Hajj: “I like to eat at the Ram because it’s a fun hangout and it’s a sports bar and it’s really close to my house.”

Faculty and Staff:


Seth Altshuler: “I like Russell Street Bar-B-Que, it’s on Russell Street. [They have] just really good southern barbecue, old fashioned style it’s great.”


Judi Powell: “My favorite restaurant is Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen on 105th and Stark. It’s been around for probably fifty or more years. They have the home of the seventy two ounce steak, best onion rings in town. They have carrots and dip and great salad and ice cream. And it all comes with your dinner, and it’s just perfect.”


What’s your favorite restaurant? Let us know in the comments below!