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Athlete of the Week: Katie Blau

Jasmine McIntosh
With the end of her last highschool softball season fast approaching, Senior Katie Blau looks back with pride on her softball career thus-far.

During her firstever softball game, Senior Katie Blau was hit in the face with the ball while playing as the catcher. Despite enduring the unforeseen and painful incident as a fourth-grader, she continued with softball, resulting in what has become a lifelong passion. 

Though having attempted almost every other sport, “softball has been the only one that I’ve really been good at,” Blau said. She has remained dedicated to the sport ever since her mom signed her up, and has played softball all four years at La Salle — the last three on varsity — as well as on her club team, Northwest Mayhem, for the rest of the year, mainly as a pitcher and outfielder. 

Softball practices, consisting of drills and hitting on the field or in the cages, are five times a week from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. or later, depending on the day.

Through years of experience, Blau has learned to balance her rigorous sports schedule and academics. “My honors pass is really helpful, but mostly just doing it after softball is just the only way that you can get [work] done,” she said. 

Much like her academics, Blau finds the best way to succeed is to stay concentrated. She said she tries to lock in before a big game by “listen[ing] to some music” and “think[ing] about hitting her spots,” Blau said.

Blau has approached many challenges with the same focused attitude, such as during her junior year during which she struggled with softball. “I kind of lost my love for the sport,” she said. Blau wasn’t performing how she had hoped. 

Despite her lagging motivation that year, she didn’t let that stop her from coming back stronger her senior year. “I worked my butt off all summer and all this year to really get to the place I wanted to be with pitching,” she said. 

When searching for motivation to continue training hard, Blau looks to her mom.

 “She definitely has pushed me to keep going no matter what, even when it gets super hard and I don’t want to do it,” she said. “Everything I do is for her.”

Blau’s softball training has paid off. “This year I have definitely gained my love for this sport back again and gone back into my groove, and it’s been super fun,” she said. 

Reflecting on her greatest softball achievements this year, Blau reminisces about one of her proudest moments in her pitching career as “striking out one of the best players at the Wilsonville game”, especially because Hall is one of the best players in the league. In addition, Blau held Wilsonville High School to zero runs for three innings.  

Blau is grateful for the time she has had with her team and has fond memories of softball at La Salle. “I love the energy,” she said. Her favorite moment with the team was when they beat Corvallis High School in her junior year. “Sydney made the last catch and every single one of us ran out to her,” she said. “It was so fun.” 

Along with four other senior teammates, Blau celebrated senior night on Friday, May 17, during which the La Salle girls won against Parkrose High School, scoring 11-0. 

Despite saying that “all of us are really good,” regarding seniors leaving La Salle, Blau has faith in the softball team next year. “There’s a lot of girls, a lot of potential,” she said. 

Her advice to her teammates is to persevere. “Stick with it no matter what, even if it gets hard,” she said. “You have to trust yourself and trust that whatever you’re doing is for the best.”

Blau plans to continue her passion for softball next year by playing for a club team at the University of Oregon. 

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    Alex MerrinMay 26, 2024 at 11:24 pm

    So proud of you Kate! Your integrity shines through all you do. So great to read about your good character and commitment to be the best you can be!