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Student of the Week: Sam Casey

Jasmine McIntosh
Junior Sam Casey loves to travel. Her favorite trip that she has taken was her trip to Cabo, sparking her interest to travel around the world.

Before coming to La Salle, junior Sam Casey went to St. John the Baptist Catholic School for all of middle and elementary school. She was originally brought to La Salle because of it being a convenient location in relation to where she lives, but has found a wonderful community and place to grow. 

Consistently throughout her education experience, Casey’s favorite subject has been English, as she loves writing. 

Although not an English teacher, science teacher Eric Roth has been one of Casey’s favorite teachers throughout her years at La Salle. “I love him,” she said. “He’s so funny.”

Casey is taking multiple AP courses, including AP US History and AP English III. Her initial reason for taking these courses was the GPA boost, but she has become extremely proud of her ability to never drop below a B+ in any of these courses. Next year, she is hoping to take AP English IV although she has been told it is one of the hardest AP classes offered at La Salle. 

Already more than halfway through Casey’s junior year at La Salle, she wants to end the year with a good GPA and end all her classes with at least a 90%. 

Outside of school, Casey has found a place on La Salle’s softball team. “It has a great community, great friends and a very supportive environment,” she said. 

Casey started her softball journey playing T-ball. She quit softball for a few seasons when she was younger to participate in track, but was drawn back to softball in middle school. 

This year Casey is on the La Salle JV softball team, but is swinging up to varsity to play in the outfield. Although she is swinging, she still loves being a part of the JV team. “It’s full of fun and low stress,” she said. 

Other than softball, in her free time Casey enjoys being home on the weekend and having her alone time to relax. However, she also enjoys bonding and hanging out with her friends. 

One of Casey’s dreams for beyond La Salle is to travel. She is planning on taking a gap year in order to explore the world and visit every country at least once. “I want to do it when I’m on my own and when I am young,” Casey said. 

Casey believes that one of the biggest inspirations and a driving factor to how far she has come now in her life is her mom. “She grew up in a trailer park and she made herself,” Casey said. The perseverance that her mom has shown inspires her to work hard and follow her passions. She believes that by having this big inspiration in her life, she now knows that she is capable of excelling at school and in life.

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