Student of the Week: Anna MiLan Tran


John Pham

During her free time, Anna MiLan Tran can be found hanging out with her family or reading a good book.

This June, Anna MiLan Tran will be completing her senior year at La Salle. She originally began her high school career at Central Catholic High School as a freshman and then went to her local public school, Grant High School, as a sophomore. Tran later transferred to La Salle during her junior year. 

Two of her favorite classes this year are AP Studio Art with Ms. Cha Asokan and Anatomy and Physiology with Mr. Ryan Kain. She enjoys art in general, with drawing being one of her main hobbies.  Tran also said she finds anatomy interesting, and she hopes to attend medical school someday.

As for her future plans for education, she has a rough idea of what she wants to do. “I’m just going to go to Gonzaga University and study biology because I want to do something in the medical field,” Tran said, “I just don’t know what yet.” 

In regards to later attending medical school, she isn’t sure yet where she wants to go, but she would rather stay closer to her family, even though she had originally wanted to attend college further away. 

Outside of her academics, Tran is a member of several clubs and extracurriculars. She is a member of the National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Asian American and Pacific Islander club, and she is on the La Salle swim team as a manager.   

She does not actively have a job because her parents want her to focus elsewhere for now, but over the summer, Tran worked as an intern in the CYO office. Some of her tasks included helping with reports, putting together care packages for their summer camps, and helping with the cleaning. 

Tran was also able to incorporate her artistic talents into her job. “They wanted to [have] handmade cards for their donors or people they wanted to say thank you to, so I’d make the covers of the cards for them,” Tran said.

Her favorite thing about La Salle is the people, specifically her friends, and her most memorable experiences were the Journey retreats she attended. “It was my first time having an actual leadership position, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be,” Tran said.

She also found the experience valuable because of the people that were there with her, describing them as “amazing,” and leaving her with a feeling of self discovery. “I guess, last year or even this fall, I didn’t really know myself yet.”