Student of the Week: Phoebe Sandholm


Ashley Hawkins

Sophomore Phoebe Sandholm is an avid participant in extracurriculars, with her main interest being in La Salle’s theater program.

Azlyn Kannow, Staff Reporter

Although sophomore Phoebe Sandholm has many interests, her standout activity is her involvement in La Salle’s theater. Theater is something Sandholm has found joy in because of the camaraderie among the crew as well as the positive feelings she can provide others with as they view the show.

Cross country is also an extracurricular activity that Sandholm partakes in. She has enjoyed participating in cross country and has appreciated seeing her progress from when she started in middle school to now, playing at a high school level. 

Although Sandholm participates in many extracurricular activities, when she‘s not busy at rehearsal or practice, Sandholm loves to read. “Pretty much all genres I’m fairly interested in,” Sandholm said. She reads at all levels and genres but has a special love for adventure novels. 

Coming into high school in an almost post-pandemic world was strange for Sandholm. The transition from middle to high school proved to be a little challenging to adjust to, especially after spending much of her middle school years in online school. Aside from adjustment in workload and social life, Sandholm specifically expressed how the change in schedule and class time affected her, but overall, she expressed feeling grateful for the new opportunities that high school has to offer.

This year, Sandholm is also participating in the Earth Club and the AAPI Club. Last year, Sandholm participated in many activities such as volleyball, swim, theater, robotics, and clubs. She has enjoyed getting involved in many different things and fitting her interests into all the opportunities at La Salle. 

Sandholm said that freshmen should take extracurriculars so they can find out what they would really like to do. She expressed that there are many different clubs and groups like theater that provide opportunities to discover personal interests. 

Despite the benefits of engaging in so many extracurriculars, she still has to deal with balancing life and school work and the stress of all of her activities. One of Sandholm’s biggest strengths is being vigilant about not procrastinating and making an effort to always get her schoolwork done on time. However, it did take some trial and error to get to this point, where she isn’t super stressed with school. 

Sandholm has many tips and tricks for getting her homework done and balancing her academics. “I just have the Reminders app on my phone,” she said. “I write down everything because I almost always have my phone with me so it can write down the things that I need to do.”

Sandholm doesn’t know what her future holds for her, but whatever it is, she believes she can get through it.