Lattes, Tea, and Cold Brews Oh My


Ashley Hawkins

Now that the time for pumpkin spice lattes has ended, new seasonal drinks are available at popular coffee chains.

Avery Marks, Editor

In the fall, coffee shops are plagued by the iconic pumpkin spice latte, a seasonal staple. Following the fall, winter seasonal drinks should not be overlooked. From imitating Christmas cookies to recreating the minty flavors of a classic candy cane, the winter season has much to offer in terms of feeding a need for caffeine.

After trying seasonal drinks from Starbucks, Dutch Bros, and Human Bean, here are my opinions on which ones are worth ordering this winter.

Dutch Bros

Candy Cane Cold Brew 8/10

When I go out for coffee, cold brews from Dutch Bros are my go-to. However, their Candy Cane Cold Brew falls a little short in comparison to my favorite seasonal fall option: their Pumpkin Caramel Brulee Cold Brew. With crushed candy on the top that adds extra festivity, this drink is a must-try. Cold brews of seasons past aside, it is an excellent minty flavor to prep you for tree decorating or holiday shopping.

Sweater Weather Chai 6/10

Time and time again, I have heard rave reviews about the Sweater Weather Chai. The drink does not hold up. While it has a nice sweetness level, the drink was overall uninspiring. When ordering seasonal drinks, I’m searching for the flavor to invoke feelings of the season, and Sweater Weather Chai fails to do this.


Iced Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Latte 8/10

While my coffee loyalties usually lay with Dutch Bros, this drink caught my attention. I only tried this drink upon recommendation, but I was instantly hooked by the way that the flavors take you to a kitchen with cookies in the oven. However, one thing that doesn’t work for this drink is how sweet it is. Up until this point, it’s a near-perfect winter drink. As long as it’s ordered half-sweet (unless you prefer a sweeter drink), I’d recommend this to any coffee drinker.

Irish Cream Cold Brew 7/10

Once again, we have a drink on the seasonal menu that doesn’t actually bring the flavors of the season. Although the drink doesn’t put me in the Christmas spirit or take me to a roaring fire on a snowy day, it is excellent. As someone who often feels compelled to order a drink at half sweetness, this drink had the perfect balance of caffeine punch and sweetness. 

Human Bean

Candy Cane Mocha 9/10

This drink had the perfect balance of satisfying a need for caffeine and bringing holiday cheer. Candy cane and peppermint drinks can often go overboard with their mint flavor, but this particular mocha has found the sweet spot. Having this drink hot instead of iced feels akin to the warmth of a fireplace while it snows outside. Additionally, all Human Bean drinks come with the best chocolate-covered espresso bean that I’ve ever tasted.