“Certified Lover Boy” Takes a Trip Into Drake’s Mind, Life, and Flaws

Jasper Gilley, Staff Reporter

Drake’s album “Certified Lover Boy” is arguably one of his best productions, featuring names such as Lil Baby, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and many others. 

“Certified Lover Boy” was at around 613,000 equivalent album units seven days after release, with more than twice the album units as Kanye West’s “Donda,” the previous highest-selling album. After its release, the album shot up instantly to the number one spot on Billboard 200

“Certified Lover Boy” was released around the same date as “Donda.” This contributed to the already tight tensions between the two artists. However, one cannot judge the quality of an album solely on numbers. In comparison to “Certified Lover Boy,” “Donda” is quite bland and lacking in variety.

These numbers alone show just how popular Drake’s album became soon after its release.

After the album’s release, many people were skeptical about the staggering 21 songs that made up 1 hour and 26 minutes of music. However, Drake’s previous record-breaking album and fan favorite, “Scorpion,” contained 25 songs that consisted of 1 hour and 30 minutes of music. 

“Certified Lover Boy” has a great amount of variety that the listener can appreciate. Drake included a handful of 90s samples. The usual raspy and deep timbre he uses is partially abandoned in some of the songs in this album, so many people found the album to be a happy medium.

In one popular song featured in “Certified Lover Boy” called “Knife Talk,” Drake and 21 Savage join forces to create a masterpiece. Many people believe that this song would be a better fit in 21 Savage’s album “Savage Mode II.” However, this is one of the many songs that add flavor to “Certified Lover Boy.” It provides a change in pace. 

During the beginning of the album, Drake focuses on his time in the music industry and how it has affected him; losing friends, finding peace, and ultimately shaping him into who he has become. 

Then, the album transitions to the song “Yebba’s Heartbreak.” After this song, the album becomes focused on taking action, serving as yet another reason why “Knife Talk” fits so well in “Certified Lover Boy.”

Another example of this album’s greatness is evident in the song “Way 2 Sexy,” featuring Young Thug and Future. The combination of these 3 artists is perfect.

In 2020, they teamed up to create Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ “D4L.” In “Certified Lover Boy” they attempt to find success together again. Using a sample from Right Said Fred’s 1991 song “I’m Too Sexy,” the trio nailed the song which rapidly rose to popularity on social media app Tik Tok.

Drake’s “Way 2 Sexy” gives a highly controversial portrayal of his narcissistic personality. The album artwork alone speaks for this side of Drake, depicting 12 emojis of pregnant women placed on a white background. 

The gorgeous beats and the amount of lyrical genius put into the 21 songs featured on this album are spectacular. Drake described “Certified Lover Boy” as “a combination of toxic masculinity and acceptance of the truth which is inevitably heartbreaking.”

The album’s greatness can be partly accredited to Drake’s acknowledgment of possessing an enormous ego, and quite frankly, a narcissistic side.

“Certified Lover Boy” dives deeply into Drake’s struggles of how he pioneered the modern hip-hop industry and how he has learned to accept his personality. The amount of variety in the album is candy to a listener’s ear, and the meaning behind every song acts as a cherry on top.