Athlete of the Week: Allison Ginter


Fia Cooper

Currently on the girls’ junior varsity soccer team, freshman Allison Ginter is excited to continue playing soccer throughout her high school career.

Avery Marks, Assistant Editor

Even though the main reason freshman Allison Ginter came to La Salle was because she went to middle school at nearby Christ the King Catholic School, and many of her fellow classmates were planning to attend, Ginter knew when she applied that she wanted to play for the girls’ soccer team.

Ginter has played soccer since she was eight years old, playing on recreational, club, and now high school teams since then. 

Although she started because her parents signed her up for soccer, when she was younger, Ginter said that she “just seemed to love it,” and has kept playing the sport since.

“We just had a lot of fun playing and had great coaches,” Ginter said.

One of Ginter’s favorite soccer experiences before coming to La Salle was playing on her recreational soccer team for three years with her best friend.

Coming from Christ the King, Ginter didn’t have a middle school team to play on, but she played with a club team. On her club team, Ginter appreciated how dedicated everyone was, in comparison to her recreational team which she enjoyed for the fun aspects.

Ginter plans to continue with her club team, playing in the spring on the off season for La Salle’s soccer team. 

During quarantine, there was no soccer with her club team from March to June of 2020. Despite this, Ginter stayed active by going for jogs around her neighborhood. With COVID-19 precautions in place, the team was able to have training before the school year started.

When working out, Ginter mainly enjoys listening to pop music and classic rock, but also listens to a mix of everything. She doesn’t have a specific workout playlist instead, Ginter finds music that she’s in the mood for that day.

While it was an adjustment for Ginter to become used to going straight from her last class to the locker room as a freshman, playing soccer helped Ginter meet new people and settle in at La Salle.

On the La Salle team, Ginter likes how communicative everyone is. “We’re all pretty close,” Ginter said.

At soccer practice with La Salle’s junior varsity girls soccer team, Ginter is practicing juggling, where people bounce a soccer ball on their knees. “I’ve been told by my coaches that it helps… with footwork and all that,” Ginter said.

Currently, Ginter plays as a forward, and enjoys it because “it’s so offense aimed,” she said, unlike when she plays defensive positions. Despite this, her favorite position to play is midfield because it’s a mix of both defense and offense.

Going forward, Ginter hopes to make the varsity girls soccer team, although after La Salle she does not plan on pursuing soccer at a collegiate level. 

Instead, Ginter wants to become a teacher, inspired by her fifth grade teacher Mrs. Baumbach. “I was like, I just want to be like her,” Ginter said.