Students from Catholic High Schools Around Portland Attend Walk for Joy

John Pham, Assistant Editor

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  • Purple face masks were handed out to students as a reminder of the pandemic that put a halt to the previous two events.

  • Catholic high school students from around the Portland area gathered on Central Catholic’s Harrington field.

  • Students began the four-mile Walk for Joy from Central Catholic to Sellwood Riverfront Park.

  • Donning purple apparel, students showed their support for the Children’s Cancer Association.

  • A column of students dominated the walkways and sidewalks of Portland on their way to Sellwood Riverfront Park.

  • Students made their way from Central Catholic, through Portland, passing Buckman Elementary School to the left.

  • Students took to the streets of Portland for the Walk for Joy with a dog named Tophu in tow.

  • Buildings of Portland’s downtown stood in the background as the Walk for Joy reached its halfway point.

  • Walking through Portland’s industrial district, the procession of Portland’s Catholic high schools spilled onto the street, beyond the pavement with Tilikum Crossing Bridge in the background.

  • The weather cleared as the convoy began the final stretch of their journey on the Springwater Corridor Trail.

  • A huddle of students towards the end of the column passed by a utility pole adorned by Haida-style art.

  • Following the curve and route of the railroad track and chainlink fence, the cavalcade of students proceeded along the Springwater Corridor Trail.

  • Arriving at Sellwood Riverfront Park, students took a brief rest along the Willamette River with downtown Portland in the background.

  • The Walk for Joy concluded with Mass in a field in Sellwood Riverfront Park. “I thought it was a good chance for the community, for all the different catholic high schools and a great way for us to talk about how important it is to focus on our interior life rather than just what’s going on the physical side,” said Fr. David Shaw, the presider for the Mass.

  • “[My hope is for] continued unity between the different catholic schools and pride in what binds us together as catholic schools which is Jesus and hopefully that results in an outpouring of love and service for the greater community,” said Fr. Shaw.

  • “I thought [the Mass] was beautiful because it is a relevant topic that is important to young people,” said Ms. O’Brien. “I appreciate that it was integrated into today’s mass.”

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On Sunday, September 26, students from various Catholic high schools in the Portland metropolitan area — including Central Catholic High School, De La Salle North Catholic High School, Jesuit High School, La Salle Catholic College Preparatory, St. Mary’s Academy, and Valley Catholic High School gathered for the Walk for Joy.

The group of 300 Catholic high school students walked from Central Catholic to Springwater Corridor Trail, ending at the Sellwood Riverfront Park.

A record-breaking amount of over $90,000 was raised as a result of the efforts of Portland’s Catholic high schools who partnered with the Children’s Cancer Association for the Walk for Joy.

“I thought it was very impressive that many young students from Catholic high schools represented [at the event],” La Salle principal Ms. O’Brien said. “I look forward to La Salle getting more involved.”