Students Flash to the Past for Decades Themed Spirit Week

Avery Marks, Staff Reporter

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  • For Wednesday’s ‘80s theme, Mr. Voge wore a bright orange vest.

  • Made by the student council, posters in La Salle’s halls display examples of how students could dress on each day of decades week.

  • On Thursday junior Nailah Nguyen’s attire was straight out of a ‘50s drive-in with a red neck scarf and polka dot circle skirt.

  • Senior Dakota Canzano participated in decades week on Friday sporting a red flannel, band T-shirt, and Dr. Martens.

  • Sophomore Kamryn Houghton donned a classic ‘90s look with a flannel and dark wash jeans.

  • Spanish teacher Ms. Amy Gantt dressed up in a leather jacket for a ‘90s fit on Friday.

  • On Friday physics teacher Mr. Kyle Voge dressed up in ‘90s attire with his letterman jacket that was actually from the ‘90s.

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Student council organized a decades week from April 6 to April 9 as part of Better Together Month. The week gave students an opportunity to dress up in fashion trends from some past iconic decades.

Better Together is a fundraising campaign where La Salle students are asked to raise $150 that go towards financial assistance, class connect days, retreats, and more.

Starting off with the ‘70s on Tuesday, bell-bottom jeans and tie-dye shirts came back for a day.

Wednesday was ‘80s themed, welcoming bright colors to the student body’s attire.

From sock hops to poodle skirts, the ‘50s was Thursday’s decade.

Decades week concluded with flannel-filled halls reminiscent of the ‘90s grunge fashion.