Student of the Week: Jasmine McIntosh


After high school, freshman Jasmine McIntosh wants to travel the world.

Avery Marks, Staff Reporter

Starting at La Salle as a freshman in the middle of digital learning, Jasmine McIntosh said it has been difficult to get to know new classmates. To fix this, McIntosh has been using social media to meet people. 

“It’s been really hard,” she said.

McIntosh is looking forward to meeting her classmates and teachers in person through the hybrid learning model. She is most excited to attend her English class on campus.

As soon as COVID-19 precautions are lifted, McIntosh said that she wants to meet with her friends from middle school again, especially because they didn’t get to end their eighth-grade year together.

McIntosh is interested in taking photos and has also become fond of skateboarding recently after receiving a skateboard for Christmas. 

So far, McIntosh has learned how to speed down hills and do quick turns. Her skating goals are to first master the ollie and then move on to bigger jumps.

McIntosh pushes herself to grow by setting goals for herself in all aspects of life. Notably, she focuses on her academics and athletics.

Academically, McIntosh wants to focus on science studies, specifically chemistry in case she goes into a career in that field.

After graduating from La Salle, McIntosh wants to move out of Portland, since she has lived here her whole life.

“I kind of want to travel the world,” McIntosh said. “There’s so much out there that I don’t want to stay in one place my whole life.”

Two of McIntosh’s dream destinations are New York and New Zealand.

In New York, McIntosh wants to explore the city, Central Park, and other sights she has seen in movies.

Scenic nature that is waiting to be photographed and ziplining are the things that draw McIntosh to New Zealand. “It just seems like a fun place to visit,” McIntosh said.

Alongside nature, McIntosh also focuses her photography on her family and the coast. 

McIntosh’s favorite place to take pictures has been Rocky Butte, where she has captured images of the skyline and other scenery. Over quarantine, she has used a photo editing app on her computer.

Later on, McIntosh can see herself pursuing a career in science or engineering. Ideally, she would like a job that involves sports, science, and engineering.

The University of Oregon, which is McIntosh’s older brother’s alma mater, and Stanford are two colleges that she has been interested in as of lately. Alternatively, McIntosh has thought about joining the military — a path that another one of her older brothers took.

McIntosh looks up to her parents and older brothers Joseph, Michael, and Derek as role models.