Letter From Monsignor Cihak

To the Editor,

I wanted to share with you that a group of students and I, along with Mr Kuffner, Mr. Hortsch and Mr. McLaughlin, have spent time discussing the events surrounding the La Salle School Mass last December. It has been an opportunity to gain perspective and to share perspective. I discovered how quickly we could come together in genuine esteem and chart a path forward once we had the opportunity to discuss the matter in person.

I was impressed with the students’ observations, questions and sincerity, which allowed me the opportunity to listen and to offer an apology for the choice of words in the homily which had a negative impact, one which I also extend to the whole community. I truly welcomed their feedback, and offer an invitation to anyone who wishes to talk with me. I also felt that the students listened well and came to an understanding of my subsequent actions. From my perspective, each person in the group listened well and made a valuable contribution to the whole. I found it to be a true dialogue.

This experience confirms for me the quality of our young people and the many good things going on at La Salle. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had such a discussion, and I believe it has renewed the goodwill and partnership between Christ the King and La Salle.

As the local pastor, I take to heart the spiritual well-being of the students and staff at La Salle, and look forward to assisting in that endeavor, committed as I am to help foster the life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Sincerely in Christ the King,

Msgr. John Cihak