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Student of the Week: Nicholas Arms

John Pham
When considering future careers, Arms’ goal of being a pilot comes to the forefront of his mind.

Junior Nicholas Arms has always had dreams of becoming a pilot and thus following in his father’s footsteps, who is a pilot for JetBlue.

“I’ve observed what he does since I was tiny,” Arms said.

Arms enjoys traveling with his family, and has traveled all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Out of all the places he has visited, Arms’ favorite place he has explored is an island in Hawaii called Kauai. This is his favorite place because of its beauty and the rural atmosphere.

His love for travel is another reason he wants to have a future in aviation. Arms has had many positive experiences with flying, especially those he had while traveling. Those experiences also influence his goal of becoming a pilot, which seems like “the perfect job for me,” Arms said.

Arms’ interest in planes and aviation was first sparked by his love of cars, engines, and driving. “I think my first interest in anything ever was cars, and engines of cars,” he said.

“The idea kind of always appealed to me,” Arms said, explaining that, while he’s had other career aspirations over the years, flying was continually something he considered. “It’s always been in the back of my mind.” 

Besides his parents, Arms has three younger siblings, one of them being his sister Elizabeth who is a freshman at La Salle.

One of Arms’ favorite classes he is taking is Spanish.

“I like Spanish because I’ve been doing it for a while, and it just kind of comes easy to me. But I also enjoy learning new vocabulary words,” Arms said.

Another one of Arms’ favorite classes is history. “I’ve always found history interesting, and everything that goes along with history — I’m really enjoying the class,” he said. 

So far he has taken World History I and II and is currently in AP U.S. History, which he loves. Next year he plans to take AP U.S. Government and Politics.

Although he does not have a specific favorite memory at La Salle, hanging out with the people he has met through school is one of his favorite parts of his high school experience so far. He enjoys doing things outside of school, as well as group work together in school with his friends.

He also has enjoyed going to sports games, as well as participating in sports. “I played football sophomore and junior year, and basketball freshman year.” Recently Arms has picked up playing golf, which he likes to play with his friends.

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