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Student of the Week: Amelia St. Amand

Eli Batcheller
Amelia St. Amand said that her friends would likely describe her as talkative and kind.

Before coming to La Salle, sophomore Amelia St. Amand attended St. Agatha Catholic School in Portland, Oregon. She made the decision to come to La Salle as a freshman because “I really liked the community here when I shadowed and they had a really good volleyball program,” she said.

Volleyball is a big part of St. Amand’s life. She has been playing since third grade, when she was introduced to the sport through CYO. St. Amand now plays for La Salle’s varsity volleyball team. “I really enjoy it because it’s a really good outlet from school and from stress,” she said.

The more challenging parts of volleyball for St. Amand include “the mental aspect of it,” which she said “can sometimes be tough, just getting over mental blocks.” 

Additionally, volleyball takes up a lot of her free time outside of the classroom, and balancing schoolwork with sports can be a challenge. “It can be tough, but you’ve just got to lock in and focus,” she said. Despite that, St. Amand hopes to be able to continue playing volleyball after high school and into college.

In the future, St. Amand also has big career goals. “I’d love to go into the medical field, or do something with marine biology,” she said, explaining that this is something she has always wanted to do.

Here at La Salle, St. Amand aspires to be proud of her work and to understand academic concepts. Two of her favorite classes are Honors English II and Honors Chemistry, taught by Mr. Greg Larson and Mr. Matthew Owen respectively. St. Amand elaborated that this was mainly due to how good her teachers are in those classes, and the excellent instruction that she’s received. 

That being said, St. Amand also claimed that Honors Chemistry is one of her most difficult courses this year. 

Outside of school, St. Amand enjoys hanging out with her friends and talking to them. She also values spending time with her family. “They’re really supportive of everything, which is great,” St. Amand said. One of her favorite places to visit alongside them is Michigan. “I love traveling to Michigan because my family lives there, so it’s really nice to see everyone,” she said. 

As her sophomore year draws to a close, St. Amand’s advice for future incoming freshmen is “to get good relationships with your teachers and to do all your work on time,” she said.


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