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Out With the Old, In With the New: Leadership Unveils Upcoming Positions for 2024 School Year

Jasmine McIntosh
“We feel actively that Student Council is really a place where students come together, and they do large community things that are more on the lines of student activities and inclusion,” Ms. Noesi said.

With the end of the school year in sight, it is time to start thinking about the next year’s leadership positions and the changes that are coming with them. 

Next year, the Leadership class will have three main changes with the goal of being able to “step back and see our needs and how we can address them,” Director of Community Ms. Adriana Noesi said. 

The Leadership class is a place where students are leading the student body by planning things based on the needs of the school. As it is a student-centered class, Ms. Noesi talked with the Executive Council and a group of adults to evaluate what was working and what was not to see what changes needed to be made. 

Co-Student Body Presidents and Class Presidents  

In the past few years, La Salle has always had one Student Body President and one Student Body Vice President, but starting next year, it will be moving to a two-person presidency. 

“We decided that our president and VP really didn’t need to have a power differential,” Ms. Noesi said. “They needed to be just partners.”

This year, she realized that she depends on both the Vice President and Student Body President equally, thus making the decision that next year there should be two positions for the role instead of one. This will allow for more collaboration between both of them and provide opportunity for both to have equal responsibilities while sharing the same title. 

Not only will there no longer be a Student Body Vice President, but there will no longer be class presidents for each class next year out of the “desire to have a more collaborative space,” Ms. Noesi said. 

She wants people in each class to work together instead of being divided by grade, since they all do the same amount of work.

New Officers

Next year, the officer positions will be the Officer of Communications and Officer of Inclusion, two roles that remain the same from last year, and three new roles, the Officer of Philanthropy, Spirit, and Athletics.

There will no longer be an Officer of Faith or Service, but instead, there will be an Officer of Philanthropy, which will be a mix of both service and faith. They will be in charge of all of the fundraisers that the Student Council hosts, manage the prayer calendar, and plan the Better Together fundraiser, blood drives, sock drives, or anything that is service related. 

Unlike the Officer of Faith or Service role, they will not be required to meet with the Director of Service and Director of Faith together which will “alleviate some of the adult help,” Ms. Noesi said, which was something that was previously taking time from both directors in a way that was not “serving those offices well” she said.  

In addition, there will be an Officer of Spirit to help with some of the roles that the Officer of Communications has. The main goal was to bring out the school spirit aspect of the role. 

The Officer of Communication’s job will involve being in charge of everything related to social media such as Instagram and TikTok, and help with the school calendar, while the Officer of Spirit will be in charge of helping build school spirit and keep everyone excited about all of the events. 

 “We really want that person to be committed to going to games, to cheering, to leading the cheers at the games, to bring new cheers to the school if possible,” Ms. Noesi said. 

They will be in charge of the spirit weeks and making sure that the community is very spirited, fun, and engaging for all students. 

This year, the Student Council often found themselves having to ask, “Who’s the captain? How many teams do we have? Who has a good relationship with some captain?” Ms. Noesi said.

To “bridge that gap,” Ms. Noesi said, next year there will be an Officer of Athletics who will be working along with the Officer of Spirit to plan the pep assemblies and pep rallies. “I really see those people working together to bring the spirit and the Falcon pride out in students,” she said. 

And finally, there will be two Officers of Inclusion that will help celebrate students of color and their experiences. “We want to have two people who are also part of affinity groups to support them,” Ms. Noesi said. They will be in charge of the affinity groups cultural celebrations and assemblies. 


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