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Fun for a Cause: La Salle’s Pride Alliance Hosts a Night on Broadway Fundraiser for the Living Room

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  • Senior and Student Body President Ezra Moody and senior Isabella Sulloway-Ferreras cracked each other up with some humor.

  • A back-and-forth between sophomore Tabitha Obuchowski and junior Bailey Fronk and had the crowd’s full attention.

  • Fronk took the spotlight with her solo performance.

  • Man to man, junior Sayre Albert and sophomore Sawyer Kerrigan talked dance moves.

  • Full of surprises, from climbing out of the stage to an unexpected dip, the theater was filled with laughs.

  • Sulloway-Ferreras sang alone before being joined by senior Angelina Lopez and Fronk.

  • The crowd was silent as they watched three singers, Sulloway-Ferreras, Lopez, and Fronk, join together for a harmonized moment.

  • With a powerful stage presence and a massive smile the whole time, Lopez performs “Flowers” from “Hadestown.”

  • A touching moment shared between Fronk and Obuchowski singing “Seventeen” from “Heathers.”

  • Junior Phoebe Sandholm’s performance of “Giants in the Sky,” from Into the Woods, had the whole crowd cheering as it was only her third time performing on stage.

  • Obuchowski finishes out the performances by students with “Out Here On My Own” from “Fame.”

  • English teacher Mr. Greg Larson performs “Baba O’Riley” by The Who, saying he was inspired by hearing Moody singing it in the hallway one day.

  • A surprise performance from Mr. Larson was a sight to see — Sulloway-Ferreras described it as “intense.”

  • Night on Broadway wasn’t exclusively composed of solo acts, either — an array of performers joined together to sing “Mama Who Bore Me” from “Spring Awakening.”

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On Friday, May 10, La Salle’s Pride Alliance hosted Night on Broadway, featuring songs, skits, and frog jokes. All proceeds from Night on Broadway will go to the Living Room, a nonprofit organization focused on providing for LGBTQ+ youth in need.

This night featured a special event, where Mr. Larson performed a solo act on stage. Night on Broadway was full of laughs, singing, and acting that had the theater either speechless or cheering. 

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