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Student of the Week: Angelina Lopez

Jasmine McIntosh
Senior Angelina Lopez was born in Oregon and has always lived here, having attended St. Therese Catholic School for elementary and middle school. However, her middle school experience was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the school to hold her classes and graduation remotely.

Senior Angelina  Lopez was born in Oregon and has always lived here, but travels down to California frequently to visit family. 

Lopez went to St. Therese Catholic School for elementary and middle school. Transitioning from middle school to high school wasn’t difficult for Lopez because it was online. It felt easier and less scary, which caused it to be underwhelming. 

“It didn’t really feel like that much of a first day of high school, or a scary experience because it was just online,” she said.

Lopez’s favorite thing about La Salle is the community around her and the friends she has made. 

Her favorite classes over her four years are two of her senior classes, which are AP Spanish V taught by Spanish teacher Ms. Lisa Moran and Advanced Acting taught by theater teacher Mr. Michael Shelton, but her favorite subject would have to be Advanced Guitar, which is taught by choir and guitar teacher, Mr. Otto Wild. These three teachers together are her favorites.

Lopez is also involved in theater at La Salle. She started her theater journey in middle school and started getting back into it during her sophomore year. She puts many hours of work in after school because she finds it to be very enjoyable. “I think it’s just fun,” she said. 

An acting role that stood out to her over the past three years was being Donna’s understudy in the 2022 spring musical, Mamma Mia. “All the songs in Mamma Mia are so good, and all the dancing was so fun,” she said. 

Lopez recalled a core memory that happened at the time while actors were blocking out scenes. She was standing on a table, and when she tried to get down, she fell, and when she tried to sit on the bench afterwards, it collapsed under her. While painful, she found it hilarious. “That one was funny because my friends have never let it go,” she said.

Prometheus, this year’s spring musical, is another favorite performance of Lopez’s.

Outside of theater, Lopez doesn’t have much free time, but enjoys crocheting and playing the guitar. She is also involved with the Unidos affinity group, which to her, is a place of good representation of all Hispanic cultures. “The leaders, but also people involved, have been trying to make it inclusive for everyone, like people from different Latin countries,” she said.

Her biggest role model is her godmother, Virna Ocando Gomez. She praises her voice and aspires to be the type of person her Godmother is. “She’s very comforting and like a listener, and she is very loving as well as she gives time to everyone,” she said.

As her senior year comes to a close Lopez is excited for graduation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her eighth grade graduation took place online.  “We got a graduation, but we were all separated,” she said. She now looks forward to having the opportunity to graduate in person. 

After graduation, Lopez will likely be going to Portland State University, where she’ll be majoring in both vocal performance and music education. Lopez is excited for her future in college, and she believes it will be a fun time to be around new people.

 “I think I’m looking forward to just meeting new people and new communities,” she said. 

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    Tom McLaughlinApr 29, 2024 at 3:04 am

    Thank you for all you have contributed to our community, Angelina! Your voice and your presence have made my life richer.