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Athlete of the Week: Regan Krasneski

Jasmine McIntosh
Out of the three sports freshman Regan Krasneski plays, she is the most serious about softball.

Freshman Regan Krasneski is a three season athlete playing volleyball, swim, and now softball in the spring. 

Krasneski started playing sports at a young age with swimming in kindergarten, T-ball then softball in the same time frame, and volleyball in the third grade.

Her softball career got more serious in fourth grade when she started to play for a club team, The Wildcats. 

Krasneski became interested in volleyball and swimming because her friends participated. With softball, it was a different story as it came into her life by the influence of her dad who’d played baseball in college for Linfield University. 

Having experienced both levels in sports with being on the JV2 swim team and the varsity softball team, Krasneski says the difference is “when you play varsity there’s a lot more stress on you,” she said. “JV2 was just fun.” 

Despite being under several different coaches across her three sports, Krasneski says they have all taught her discipline, how to have a positive mindset, and how to block out distractions — which are all fundamental lessons — but the most important thing she has learned is to always give it your best effort. “At the end of the day the last part of the game always affects your own character,” she said.

Krasneski likes softball because of the bonds she can build with the other girls on the team and the friendships she has made through that aspect. She also enjoys how softball is a team effort, but includes an individual component as well. Although swimming is a more individualized sport, Krasneski feels that her teammates always cheered her on and “it really shows how much they care about me,” she said. 

Krasneski feels that the softball team here at La Salle does a good job at being loud, having good energy, and communicating with one another when playing. 

Her goals for the softball season are to create new bonds with her teammates and spark a connection with her coaches. As a team, their goals are “winning league and making it to round two of the playoffs, as well as having a good mindset,” she said. 

 Krasneski believes that the team will do well this season. “I do have a lot of trust in my team,” she said. 

Krasneski has considered continuing softball in college, but acknowledges that it would be a large commitment. “I’m only a freshman, so I have four more years to decide,” she said. 

When Krasneski is able to find downtime, she likes to hang out with her friends and family, walk her dog, or go biking. 

She finds that being able to balance school and sports can be draining, but is not the hardest thing to do. She tries to get assignments done in class and organizes her time wisely. She also finds that taking mental breaks while doing homework is useful.

Adding on top of all the sports Krasneski plays, she’s also interested in leadership positions at the school and becoming a student ambassador next year.

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