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Student of the Week: Alexander Sale

Jasmine McIntosh
Inside and outside of school, Alex Sale keeps his priorities in line and creates time for himself to minimize the amount of stress on his plate.

Sophomore Alex Sale previously attended Happy Valley Elementary and Happy Valley Middle School before choosing to go to La Salle for high school. “I just saw a lot of better education here and more opportunities for growth and challenging my knowledge,” he said.

Though it’s only his second year in high school, Sale is taking multiple advanced classes, including Honors English II, AP Calculus AB, and Honors Chemistry. While juggling all of these difficult classes, Sale tries to focus on one thing at a time and makes sure to give himself plenty of breaks.

Spanish 2 is Sale’s favorite class because there’s always room for growth and improvement. “It’s cool to see how much I’ve learned in another language,” he said. Sale’s current Spanish teacher, Ms. Lisa Moran, has had a positive impact on his experience of learning another language. “I don’t have to worry about tests in her class because of how well she teaches the course,” he said.

Aside from his busy school life, Sale enjoys playing soccer and volleyball, and is going to try out for the tennis team this year. He has been playing soccer for a total of 12 years, and he has played volleyball for two years recreationally. 

For Sale, soccer is serious; “I just love playing the game,” he said. On the other hand, he likes to play volleyball because he gets to mess around and doesn’t have to worry too much about making mistakes compared to his soccer experience. Though he enjoys playing both of these sports, Sale is not looking to play either of these sports in college.

Sale’s love for soccer isn’t limited to just playing, as he also admires being able to watch the sport. His favorite soccer teams are the Portland Timbers and the Portland Thorns.

While Sale is unsure of what colleges he may want to attend in the future, the thought of going to a college in a city is appealing to him because “it’s cool to be a part of a bigger community,” he said.

Sale identified engineering and business as his top two career interests. Engineering offers an opportunity for Sale to utilize his passion for math, and business techniques and strategies have always been of particular interest to him.

One of Sale’s main goals that he hopes to accomplish by the time he graduates is to become a stronger writer. By taking Honors English II, Sale pushes himself to improve and expand his voice through writing. “As long as I keep challenging myself in those areas, then I can grow [as a writer],” he said. 

Sale also wishes to enhance his public speaking skills, which he practices during his in-class presentations.

In the past, Sale used to focus more on wanting good grades, but he received advice that has helped him lessen the stress of needing good grades and focus more on taking in the information he learns in his classes. “I started to value the learning behind my classes and the growth that happens [from them],” he said.

Being able to balance school and life outside of school has been a top priority for Sale. Some advice that he would give the incoming freshmen is to “work hard, but make sure to have a work/life balance and not sacrifice their well-being for school,” Sale said.

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About the Contributor
Emma Washburn
Emma Washburn, Staff Reporter
Sophomore Emma Washburn has never taken Journalism before, but is excited for the new experience.  She loves to write and hang out with her family in her free time, as well as golf with her dad every week.  Never having golfed before, Emma joined La Salle’s golf team last spring. She loves the game and can’t wait to excel so she can, one day, beat her dad. Although she goes to school in Milwaukie, Emma lives with her family of five in Vancouver, Washington. Emma hopes to move closer to school and friends before her sister starts going to La Salle next fall so they can go to more school events. Before attending La Salle, Emma went to St. Joseph's Catholic School in Vancouver. Out of forty-eight students in her class, Emma was the only one to choose to go to La Salle. She was nervous about starting over, but she’s glad she made the right choice. Emma is very family-oriented. She loves to spend time with her siblings and putting smiles on everyone’s faces.  In her future, Emma wants to get her masters degree in teaching because she loves helping people become their best selves.

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