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“Eternal Sunshine” Album Review

John Pham
Ariana Grande posted a video of her mother Joan dancing, most likely, to “Yes, and?” just before the album release with a caption of “No one is ready.”

Breakups, divorce, and time for all stages of grief. Ariana Grande’s seventh album, “Eternal Sunshine,” debuted on Friday, March 8. This album ranges in emotions, which encapsulates its focus on grieving the loss of a relationship where your feelings are all over the place. 

Grande starts the album with the most monotone track, “Intro-(End of the World),” setting the mood for the roller coaster of emotions we feel in this album. The intro has lots of emotions such as sadness and grief. “Intro” includes beautiful harmonies that you can hear throughout the entire album.

With the second song, titled “Bye,” Grande sets an upbeat and positive tone. She sounds more ready to move on. It starts off with more of a mellow melody and then transitions into a more pop-like song. “Bye” has also been a massive hit on social media platforms.

“Don’t wanna break up again” has a nice chorus, but I did not like the verses as much. I think it is a great song, but there are definitely better songs on the album. The lyrics are not as smoothly blended together which makes the song harder to listen to. 

“Eternal Sunshine” is one of my favorite songs on the album. The lyrics talk about wanting to erase her ex-husband from her memory. This is inspired by the movie “Eternal Sunshine,” which is about a couple who wipes one another from their memories after breaking up in order to be happier and overcome the grief of their relationship.

I think this song is so beautiful, and though it covers an upsetting topic for most, it almost gives me goosebumps, especially with headphones in. The background music fills your head and the words seep into your ears. With a catchy melody and astonishing harmonies, this song really ties the whole album together, giving the listeners a full view of the album’s meaning and themes.

The song “Supernatural” is alluring and out of this world. The expressive intro to the song leads up to the heavenly chorus that gets stuck in my head all day and makes it feel like I’m in a movie. In my opinion this is one of the best songs on the album. This song has a very optimistic sound to it and is said to make listeners feel like it is summer.

I greatly enjoyed the song “True Story”due to its euphoric sound. The beginning is so nice to hear; it has more of a rebellious tone to it. Every time I think the song isn’t that great overall, she sings the words “true story” and my mind shifts because of her amazing pitch.

As for “Yes, and?” having already been picked apart by TikTok, was overplayed before the album was even released. As the album’s first single I was expecting it to be a nice look into what the album was going to be like, which was not the case. This song is the most out of place in the entire album, and though it is upbeat and very catchy it isn’t the best.

“We can’t be friends” is a beautiful song with a very catchy bridge and chorus. This song is so amazing and it makes me feel like I’m ascending, due to its blended melody with the lyrics. This is my favorite song on the album at the moment. 

The song “I wish I hated you” didn’t really catch my attention at first, because it was a bit repetitive, but the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me. It’s a good song with very smooth lyrics. With more of a sad tone, this would be a choice song for a more mellow playlist.

“Imperfect for You” has sweet words and a sweet melody to go along with it. Another one of my favorites, it has such a beautiful set of lyrics and is melodious. It’s very soothing and is very pleasing for the ears.

“Eternal Sunshine” is like a hurricane of feelings. This album highlights the reality of a breakup and the whirlwind it can take us on. Only being 36 minutes, it makes me feel as if I’m stuck in time.

Overall, I strongly recommend this album. It is very enjoyable and has a song for everyone and every mood.

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