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Student of the Week: Amani Campbell

Jasmine McIntosh
Campbell carries herself with acceptance and positivity, exemplifying the importance of “always having a positive mindset and outlook on life,” she said.

After a long first semester of college applications on top of her many roles at La Salle, senior Amani Campbell is looking forward to finishing her final stretch of high school on a more relaxed and fun note. 

Campbell’s favorite class this year is Marine Biology, taught by Mr. Ryan Kain. She finds the ocean’s mass and mystery to be very intriguing.  “It’s actually really interesting and I also like the friends that I have in that class,” she said.

Campbell has been involved in La Salle’s leadership class since the second semester of her junior year, and is currently the Co-Officer of Inclusion. Her position mainly involves the leading and planning of school events and assemblies celebrating heritage and diversity. “I like being a leader and making some sort of impact on the school and the community,” she said. 

For Campbell, participating in leadership has been very impactful as it allows her to hear the stories of her peers and share her own.

Campbell also involves herself in the La Salle community in a variety of ways outside of student council. In addition to being a student ambassador, Campbell participates in several affinity groups, including the Black Student Union, the Asian American Pacific Islander club, and the Native American Student Union. 

This year, Campbell has been able to make connections through her club, Chicks and Flicks, where she and fellow members meet to take a moment to relax and watch movies together. “It’s just fun and interesting to learn from and interact with the underclassmen,” she said.

Campbell feels that because of her role in leadership and in the overall community, she has been able to “talk to people that I never thought I would have really talked to,” she said. “So it’s been a really good and eye opening experience because I’ve been able to learn from all those people.”

Campbell believes that in life it is important to “value what other people are feeling and believe in,” she said.

Outside of her Lasallian community, Campbell loves to travel. One of her dream locations to visit is the Maldives, where she hopes to see a beach that is commonly called the sea of stars. “After college I want to go to a bunch of different places,” she said. 

Campbell is also passionate about volunteer work. One volunteer opportunity she took on was spending her summer volunteering at a nearby hospital, which she found “really fun,” she said. 

Moreover, Campbell considers herself to be a very family oriented person, “I really value family, and I think they kind of shaped who I am,” she said.

Campbell especially admires her mom. “I see her get up and work hard every day,” she said. She hopes to embody her mother’s patience, work ethic, and passion, all of which continue to inspire her. 

For the future, Campbell has yet to make a decision regarding where to continue her education. She does know, however, that she wants to potentially pursue a degree associated with business and marketing.  

For Campbell, the perfect future would consist of traveling the world, living in a big city, and hearing the stories of all sorts of different people. 

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    Tom McLaughlinMar 3, 2024 at 6:52 pm

    GO, AMANI!!! Thank you for your countless contributions to our La Salle Prep community. Your positivity, joy, and service (= love) have impacted so many of us, including me.