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Athlete of the Week: Jonathon Lewis

Photo courtesy of Violet Sheehan
Although Jonathon Lewis enjoys watching a variety of sports, including ski racing, his favorite to spectate is basketball, and he is a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Junior Jonathon Lewis started skiing at the age of five when he was introduced to the sport by his preschool teacher. Despite taking a hiatus from the slopes when he was 12, Lewis was drawn back in at the age of 16 by having the opportunity to join La Salle’s ski team. “I came back because I love the sport,” Lewis said.

Lewis’ athletic career at La Salle began as a freshman on the basketball team. His involvement with the basketball program continued through his sophomore year. However, as a junior, Lewis decided to participate in the ski team instead.

Lewis became interested in skiing for La Salle after speaking with senior and ski team captain Ryder McCoy-Hansen, who shares some similar classes with him.

Lewis explained that talking to McCoy-Hansen is what re-sparked his interest in skiing. He elaborated that although his coaches have also been influential figures during his time on the team, he wouldn’t have been introduced to them in the first place if not for McCoy-Hansen. “He just includes everyone and he makes everyone feel really a part of the team,” Lewis said.

The inclusive community is one of Lewis’ favorite things about the ski team. “The team is great because no one’s similar, really,” he said. “You find everyone in skiing.” The team has had the chance to participate in fun bonding activities together, such as staying in a cabin in Bend, Oregon before one of their races.

In addition to the inclusive community, Lewis enjoys the different aspects that skiing has to offer. “You can do so much; you can race and free ski. There’s just access to everything on the map,” Lewis said.

Lewis also appreciates that the ski team spans even wider than just La Salle students. Since the La Salle ski team is technically a club team and not school sponsored, it is coached alongside ski teams from other schools in the area, such as Central Catholic High School and Adrienne C. Nelson High School. This allows Lewis to ski alongside his sister, who is a student at Central Catholic.

Lewis has also enjoyed the academic side of La Salle’s community. After attending Franciscan Montessori Earth School, he chose to come to La Salle because of the good academic opportunities, coupled with the fact that many of his friends would also be attending. Lewis explained that, despite the rigorous course loads, “the community is the reason I’ve been able to make it through all the hard classes.” 

Lewis’ most challenging courses are some of his favorites. He particularly enjoys his science and math classes, such as Chemistry, Honors Biology, and AP Calculus BC.

These topics feed well into Lewis’ future career goal of becoming an aerospace engineer. “I love space in general, and all the theoretical ideas behind it, so I want to be in that industry,” he said. Two of his dream schools are Harvey Mudd College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lewis also expressed interest in continuing to ski race in college, if there is an opportunity to do so.

As for his shorter-term goals, Lewis hopes to continue to place higher in races. He credits much of his success so far to the two head coaches, Willy and Lloyd Scroggins. “They talk to everyone and they’re amazing coaches. I’ve already gotten back to where I was so many years ago,” he said.

Lewis also hopes to win this year’s state competition alongside his team, and is confident in their chances.

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