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Student of the Week: Trent Earls

Jasmine McIntosh
Freshman Trent Earls enjoys discovering new music, especially rap and pop artists and songs.

Almost done with his first semester of high school, freshman Trent Earls has enjoyed his time at La Salle so far. “I like it here,” Earls said. “I love the community, the teachers listen to you.”

Spanish 1 and World History 1 have been Earls’ favorite classes so far, and social studies teacher Mr. Mike Doran and science teacher Mr. Kyle Voge have been his favorite teachers.

Earls is looking forward to keeping his good momentum going throughout the rest of high school. “[I want to] keep doing good work, keep getting A’s, and look for a future career,” he said.

Before attending La Salle, Earls went to school at St. John the Baptist Catholic School, which was also a great experience for him. Almost all of Earls’ eighth grade class came to La Salle, and he knows many older students at La Salle who also went to St. John the Baptist.

Outside of school, Earls plays basketball, a sport he has been passionate about since he was in fourth grade. This year, he is playing on a CYO team. He loves the competitiveness of basketball, as well as the opportunity to make connections with different people. Earls also hopes to join the tennis team at La Salle for the upcoming season in the spring, and hopefully join a few clubs as well.

The Oregon Coast is a special place for Earls, specifically Manzanita, as it’s a favorite travel destination for him and his family. “It’s a really nice town because it’s super small and nobody goes there, so it’s really kind of calm and peaceful,” he said.

When it comes to food, Earls loves pasta and Mexican cuisine. His favorite restaurant is La Costita, somewhere he’s frequently gone to since he was young.

Earls highlights his mom as someone he has learned a lot from and continues to look up to. “She has taught me how to be and stay faithful, even in hard situations,” Earls said. “She is a role model for me by demonstrating how to be kind to others.” Earls also values his relationship with his brother, Austin, who is currently a junior at La Salle.

Earls cherishes the traditions he shares with his family, especially Easter. “On Easter morning, we all go to Mass, then usually go to one of my aunt’s [and] uncle’s house,” he said. “I particularly love this because I have a huge family, and do not get to see all of them regularly.”

Earls is unsure about his plans after high school, but he is interested in possibly studying law in the future. He would tell any incoming freshmen at La Salle to try their best and aim to get good grades.

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