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Student of the Week: Sims Cronen

Jasmine McIntosh
If sophomore Sims Cronen had to choose a favorite TV show, he would pick “Breaking Bad” and his favorite movie would be “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Sims Cronen, a sophomore, is currently on the La Salle baseball team. He first joined during his freshman year on the JV2 team, and has been playing baseball since he was five years old.

Cronen’s goal for the rest of his La Salle career is to have good seasons. 

At La Salle, Cronen likes the inclusive community. He also enjoys talking to the teachers and being able to connect with many fellow students. “I’ve met a lot of new people,” Cronen said. 

Though Cronen is taking a variety of classes this semester, his favorite class is Spanish II with Ms. Karen Kessler. “[Ms. Kessler] wants to know about my life and who I am,” Cronen said. “She’s a really great teacher.” He likes how understanding Ms. Kessler is towards everyone. 

Outside of school, Cronen likes to hang out with his friends, as well as going to the park to play baseball with his two nine-year-old brothers. 

One of Cronen’s favorite places to travel is Hawaii, especially the island of Maui, which he has visited three times. He loved going to his grandpa’s condo, which is where he would always go while visiting Maui, though he no longer owns it. “It’s such a great place,” Cronen said. 

Someone that Cronen is inspired by is his dad. “I would like to take after his role and actions,” he said. Each summer they go on a camping trip at the Clear Lake Campground. They enjoy making fires and s’mores, fishing, and many other activities during their camping trips.

Recently, he also has started working at his dad’s tree lot company every day after school. 

Cronen’s dad has owned three tree lots for about 20 years in the Portland area. They were especially busy during the holidays, so he had been working there to help out. He started helping when he was about 12 years old.  

Cronen finds his motivation to work hard in school by reminding himself where he wants to go in the future. He thinks about how he is able to start preparing for the future by putting in the good work now. “It’ll help me [for] the rest of my life,” Cronen said.

He is currently looking at attending the University of Oregon or a college in Montana. 

For future plans, Cronen is hoping to run a small business of some kind. He is not exactly sure what the small business would be, but feels as if “this is something I would enjoy a lot,” Cronen said.

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  • M

    Ms. KesslerJan 4, 2024 at 11:52 am

    Great article! Sims is an amazing human being and I enjoy having him in class! It is fun to get to know students, their interests and their lives- that is the best part of teaching! Excited to see which college Sims chooses and where the future takes all our amazing falcons. FLY FALCONS FLY!