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Student of the Week: Maddie Delaney

Bella Buss
Maddie Delaney appreciates the warm community of peers and faculty she has found here at La Salle. “I know they want to help people,” she said. “And the teachers obviously want you to do your best.”

Maddie Delaney is taking on junior year with a sustained open mind and an optimistic attitude. For her, seeing the best of both people and situations is one of her many strengths that she values about herself. 

Prior to attending La Salle, Delaney went to Duniway Elementary School, and spent middle school at Winterhaven. Although she doesn’t believe either experience really resonated with her, she does credit her time at both schools contributing to her development of a more reserved demeanor. 

Although it is somewhat of a priority among her household, academically speaking Delaney considers herself more self-motivated. Seeing school as a place for growth rather than a begrudging obligation, “I’m here to learn, so I might as well try my best,” she said.

Delaney’s favorite class this year is Catholic Moral Thinking, as it is taught by Mr. Edward Kendrick, whom she admires for his strong morals and teachings. She appreciates how “he lives his life with a lot of intention,” she said. “I think it’s really respectable.”

On top of being a driven student, Delaney is a dual-sport athlete. She is a part of both La Salle’s volleyball and track teams, having played volleyball since third grade.

She particularly enjoys the community aspects of her spring sport. “For track, everyone supports each other,” she said. “And you make friends with kids from other schools, too.” 

In her spare time Delaney enjoys creating art in both drawing and fashion. “I’ve just drawn since I was a kid,” she said. Her favorite artist is Gustav Klimt, whose art she discovered in a museum on a trip to Amsterdam, after which she “thought it was really cool,” she said. 

With her own art, Delaney mostly finds inspiration from photography posted on Pinterest. “I usually draw weird, kind of interesting faces,” she said. 

A piece of art by Delaney. (Photo courtesy of Madeleine Delaney)

Additionally, with her interest in sewing and fashion, Delaney is fond of making her own clothing and designs in her spare time. Pieces like unique pants, skirts, and coats are just some of her most recent projects. “I like throwing on interesting outfits and styles,” she said. 

As for her current ambitions, before graduating high school, Delaney hopes to add martial arts to her skillset. “I want to start learning martial arts,” she said. “I want to learn how to be able to and to do it in a safe environment.”

Delaney holds honesty and understanding as guiding principles. Promoting forgiveness and the importance of honesty within her life and the lives of those around her are the primary principles that influence her actions. “I always consider that someone does something for a reason,” she said. “I just try not to judge people for making mistakes.”

Delaney is hoping to finish her junior year academically strong, continue to make art and clothing, and maintain good relationships with all her peers.   

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