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Student of the Week: Leslie Domingo

Jasmine McIntosh
“I am who I am because of my friends and who I surround myself [with],” senior Leslie Domingo said.

Leslie Domingo, a senior, is planning to attend the University of Oregon next year. A potential subject she wants to pursue throughout college is Architecture, as she harbors a deep interest in art. 

At La Salle, Domingo has been able to enjoy her experience partly due to the inclusive community that surrounds her. The inclusive community has left a positive impact on her, as the uplifting energy coming from the teachers and the students has helped shape who she is today. 

Another part of that inclusive community are the teachers, specifically English teacher Mr. Greg Larson and chemistry teacher and science department chair Mr. Matthew Owen. She was able to form a friendship with Mr. Owen while being his student in Honors Chemistry. With Mr. Larson, it was a different story, as she never had him as a teacher, but rather as a Journey leader where they were able to connect outside of the classroom.  

Being a part of an inclusive community means she gets to enjoy things like “hanging out with friends, going to games, or getting help from teachers after school and becoming closer to them,” Domingo said. 

When it comes to the social aspect of Domingo’s school life, she considers that there are two options for her in the classroom with her peers. “We can either struggle together or be successful together,” she said. 

Domingo’s favorite class is Art Foundations with Ms. Cha Asokan. This is her favorite class because she enjoys both drawing and painting. Outside of school, Domingo’s favorite hobby is painting, an activity that she has engaged in for a long time. She hopes to continue being creative in the future.

Domingo is driven to work hard in school because she knows that “if you have hard work, then your future is going to be better if you’re consistently doing the best you can,” she said. 

The biggest inspirations for Domingo are her parents, as they are “the most hardworking people I know,” she said. “I aspire to eventually give my own family what they’ve given me.” 

Domingo’s favorite place to travel is the Philippines, which she has visited three times. She loves to travel there because her family is from there and “it is always amazing to see my culture back home that I don’t get to see every day here,” she said.

In the future, Domingo is hoping to stay close to Portland, having been born there and attributes the weather, the nature, and the overall environment as key aspects in her choice to stay close to home.

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