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Mealtime Preparations: A Morning With the Kitchen Staff

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  • The kitchen staff starts their morning early, arriving to school at around 5:30 a.m.

  • For the cafeteria staff it usually takes the first month or two of school to fully finalize the menu as they take into account which meals are most popular among students.

  • Ms. Kim McCarthy cuts the ends off loaves of bread and then cuts them in half for the Italian subs.

  • Ms. Megan Gable adds a mix of ham, salami, and pepperoni to the Italian subs.

  • Ms. McCarthy follows Ms. Gable with adding the sauce and later cheese to the Italian sub.

  • Ms. Gable and Ms. McCarthy add cheese to the burgers.

  • Ms. Gable prepares the tots, which are seasoned with Johnny’s seasoning, to be baked.

  • Ms. Andrea Wilson, the new kitchen assistant, is in charge of making sandwiches like the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  • Ms. Wilson adds scoops of tuna to the bread, making sure to spread it evenly so the sandwich will not be dry.

  • Ms. Becky Tetherow arranges the pita and hummus boats.

  • Ms. Tetherow adds cranberries to the Harvest Salad as she noticed students like cranberries in the salads.

  • Ms. Wilson adds the sandwiches to the cooler.

  • The kitchen staff often makes more Caesar salads than the other salads as they noticed students like them more.

  • It was drink delivery day for the kitchen, which has become inconsistent since the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Warm food, including the Italian subs, are covered and then kept in warmers until it is time for lunch.

  • Ms. Gable does not like to waste so she uses the ends of the loaves from the Italian subs to make croutons for the kitchen staff to snack on.

  • Volunteers come in at lunch time to help distribute the food to students.

  • Students scour the heater and cooler for their lunch choice of the day.

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Long before students and staff of La Salle show up for the school day  — and most likely before many of us have even woken up — members of the kitchen staff are here preparing for the break and lunch meals. 

From making the beloved breakfast sandwiches to preparing a full lunch menu with a variety of selections for students and staff, the cafeteria staff take great care in preparing the food and keeping the menu up to date with what is most popular among students. 

In this photo gallery the staff is making breakfast sandwiches for the break time snack, Italian subs and hamburgers for the main lunch meals, as well as tots, kale salads, and cold sandwiches. 

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