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Mastering Notability: Tips and Tricks for Ultimate Note-Taking Success

Audrey Waters

Notability, an essential tool for La Salle students, has received several new updates this school year. 

The app now has new features that may seem overwhelming and that many users may overlook. Some students may use Notability every day without ever knowing these helpful tricks. Notability has all the resources, but some tools need just a little bit of guidance to be used at their full effectiveness. Here are a few tips to obtain note-taking success as we get ready to start a new semester.


App Theme:

Many students take the time to customize their app into all sorts of different colors and themes to fit their desires. This new feature not only makes it aesthetically pleasing, but also allows students to feel like the app is truly theirs. This will allow for options ranging from dark mode, colors, and seasons.


App Theme

 1. Open Settings

 2. Scroll down to Themes

 3. Scroll and select desired theme



Mistakes will pop up no matter what type of format is used to take notes. Thankfully, Notability recognizes this and creates an easy shortcut. It allows users to not have to worry about making a mistake and being able to just move on. One can use two fingers to tap their screen and undo their work or use three fingers to tap and redo that work. 


To enable this:

 1. Go to Settings 

 2. Scroll to Gestures 

 3. Click 3 Finger Swipe



A good way to stay organized is to create dividers and subjects, which will help users easily find old or current work. Users can also adjust colors and add divider drop-downs and colorful subjects. By having the subjects and dividers, users can organize their notes based on classes, topics, school years, and more. 

Navigate Left
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A very often overlooked or unknown feature is the Gallery, found under Notes on the top left-hand side of the home screen. The Gallery is full of all the resources users may need to be successful, including planners, academic templates, and more.

Navigate Left
Navigate Right


Some Templates are even interactive. Many of the planners that include multiple months are interactive to make it easier to navigate through them. Some are even meant for the whole 2023-2024 school year containing over 600 pages. To navigate, users are able to press the month and it will automatically scroll to that page.



While templates can be extremely helpful, they can also be slightly restrictive. These insertable resources allow users to make any document have the organization of a template without the limits.

Navigate Left
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One way that Notability is now more tailored to the user is by having their most-used tools ready for them with a click of a button. Users can accomplish this by creating shortcuts to their favorite settings. Both of these tips will create shortcuts for those preferred settings. This slightly differs, yet also applies to the Highlighter, Lasso, and Eraser tools. All of these features may be entirely customized to one’s liking. 

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A new feature specific to Version 14.3 is the upgraded Toolbox. The Toolbox is revamped to better showcase available tools.

Similar to the original, the Toolbox can be moved around the user’s screen. By holding down the Tool Box, they can place it on any of the four sides of the screen.

A huge feature (that sadly only applies to certain versions depending on the device) with the Toolbox is the ability to customize the order of tools or hide ones users don’t wish to use. The Toolbox is separated into two different sections, typically placing the most used tools in the first section. The order of tools is completely up to the user’s personal preference. Users may duplicate the tools or completely hide them. 

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The Lasso is an important tool in Notability, allowing users to manipulate drawings, words, and inserted items. But that’s not all it can do. There are two Lasso options: the Freeform and Box Lasso. These can be helpful in reducing the number of times one needs to write something down. It allows users to just make a copy of the desired section.

Freeform allows the users to freely draw in any sort of shape and/or selecting any section of a document. 

While the Box is helpful when copying a section in a square space, both Lasso options allow users to select certain aspects of an image without including unnecessary parts. 

Lasso- Selection
Navigate Left
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However, the more unique features of this tool are under the Convert section.

Lasso- Convert


1. Press Convert on any drawn equations or words

This will then be converted into text or a math equation. Helping user’s thoughts seem more put together and minimize clutter.

Users can also use this feature to convert any selected area into Ink, giving it a hand drawn look, which is then able to be saved as a sticker for future use.



Navigating documents may be viewed by most users as not particularly special, but with the new update, everything users once knew has now become even easier.

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Bonus Features: 

Bonus Features
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From organization to personalization, these features will hopefully add some additional functionality to users’ current note taking and also help to better organize users’ thoughts, along with their notes.


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