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Student of the Week: McKenna Morgan

Jasmine McIntosh
“My advice for someone younger than me is to keep trying and keep working, even if the goal you have set seems too hard,” sophomore McKenna Morgan said.

Updated Dec. 8, 2023

Knowing only two people, sophomore McKenna Morgan struggled to make friends when she first got into high school. However, she has settled in and enjoyed her time here at La Salle.

She went to Trillium Creek Primary School for elementary, then Rosemont Ridge Middle School for grades six through eight. Both were dual Spanish classes, meaning she was spoken to and taught in Spanish.

Morgan’s day is filled with physical activity, spending time at the gym or practicing for one of the sports teams she is on. Morgan has been a part of cheer for two years now as well as being a member of La Salle’s golf team, which she will likely continue to pursue in the upcoming years.

Morgan has also found a home on the La Salle volleyball team. “Volleyball has no place for you to be negative, and it is all about making errors and trying over and over again,” she said. Morgan has played on the JV team for two years now and has made many friends through it. She also tries making new friends through club volleyball and open gyms.

She cited JV coach Katy Pruitt as one of her role models. Coach Pruitt played Division 1 volleyball and is really uplifting to Morgan. However, Morgan’s dad was the one who really inspired her to play volleyball and helped her love for the sport grow, and she named him as a huge role model in her life.

When she is not at practice, she loves to be in the gym. She took a weight training class her freshman year and “just really fell in love with it,” she said. Morgan doesn’t take the weight training class anymore, but instead she goes to the gym with one of her family members regularly. 

When she gets time to relax, Morgan loves to watch chick flick movies, listen to music, or hang out with her two dogs, Tinkerbell and Josie, or her one cat, Oz. 

Her favorite movie is “10 Things I Hate About You,” and she claims to have memorized the entire movie. “I could probably give you any quote,” she said. Morgan has seen the movie more times than she can count. 

For music, she loves “chill, rap, [and] whatever crunk is,” she said. 

Morgan loves coffee, especially from Dutch Bros, Starbucks, or Black Rock. She said that she “would drink it [at] 11 p.m.” if she was able to. She also may have an energy drink from time to time, but prefers the taste of coffee. 

Morgan has big dreams for the future. She wants to follow in her family’s footsteps and attend the University of Oregon. After college, she hopes to become an FBI agent, doing her work late at night and catching criminals. 

What drew her most to this job was the late hours. “I’m just a lack of sleep person, but it makes up because I like coffee,” she said.

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  • S

    Susan TateDec 10, 2023 at 9:45 am

    Great story! This will embarrass her horribly, but her Mimi thinks she’s the best!!!