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A Dutch Holiday: Ranking Dutch Bros Holiday Drinks

Bronson Shenson-Collins
This winter season, Dutch Bros has released new holiday-inspired drinks.

This holiday season, Dutch Bros released a new menu of holiday drinks. These drinks try their best to imitate popular holiday flavors such as candy cane, apple, cinnamon, and hazelnut.

When I heard that Dutch Bros was releasing this holiday menu, I found the need to rank them from best to worst. Some of these drinks exceeded expectations, while some are just real disappointments. Here’s my guide on what you should try and what to avoid. 

Candy Cane Cocoa:

This spin on a classic holiday drink is absolutely delicious. The mint from the candy cane flavoring is paired perfectly with the chocolate from the cocoa. With sprinkles and Soft Top, Dutch Bros’ version of whipped cream, it gives off a festive feeling. Simply put, this drink is the true embodiment of winter spirit. It reminds me of sitting by the fire, sipping cocoa, and watching the snow fall outside. 

Candy Cane Freeze:

When you think of winter, a cold, blended drink does not come to mind, but this drink really defies the norm. This blended coffee has a strong, sweet, peppermint flavor that is really rich and satisfying. While some may be thrown off by the strong peppermint flavor, most will find it to be delicious.

Candy Cane Cold Brew:

This drink is for true coffee lovers. While the drink has a strong coffee flavor, it is balanced well with peppermint and Soft Top. The sweet cream paired excellently with the coffee and peppermint flavors in the drink, giving it a sweet, creamy texture and a delightful taste. With all these factors combined, this drink is perfect for anyone who loves coffee and wants to add a wintertime twist.

Iced Chai A-La-Mode:

Chai A-La-Mode is a Vanilla Chai with Soft Top and apple cinnamon sprinkles. This drink is delicious but uninspiring. It really just tastes like chai with more of a cinnamon flavor. If you’re a fan of Dutch Bros’ Vanilla Chai, you will definitely enjoy this updated holiday version. It’s nothing really new, but it still tastes great.

Merry Mischief Rebel:

When strawberry, raspberry, and green apple are mentioned, I don’t really imagine a holiday drink. This is one of the two biggest problems with the Merry Mischief Rebel. I found that when drinking this fruity beverage, it just didn’t feel like it was winter themed. Another problem with this drink is that it was just too sweet. I personally think that the Rebels are two sweet for me, but this drink went completely overboard.

Iced Hazelnut Truffle Mocha:

When I heard about this drink, I thought that it was going to be in the top three. Unfortunately, it’s just flavorless. The mocha just tasted like any regular mocha. There is no hazelnut flavor at all and it tastes like you’re drinking milk and coffee. If this mocha had some good hazelnut flavor, it would’ve been a lot higher on this list, but overall, this drink is a letdown — bland and dissatisfying.

Snow Cap Freeze:

Similar to the Hazelnut Truffle Mocha, this did not taste like what it was advertised as. The Snow Cap Freeze is supposed to taste like cupcakes and it does not achieve this goal. This drink mostly tasted like coffee with cream, which was really disappointing. The soft top and sprinkles are the only redeeming factors of this drink.

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    TammyDec 7, 2023 at 10:12 pm

    Try white coffee on the hazelnut mocha! It cuts through the chocolate milk and brings out the hazelnut!:)