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Teachers Take On All Things Fall

Jasmine McIntosh
Whether it’s a steaming-hot mug of apple cider, a trip to a pumpkin patch, or a scary movie to enjoy with friends, fall is a season with something for everyone to enjoy.

With the arrival of fall comes a multitude of activities, holidays, and trends to indulge in. Now that the season is well underway, members of the La Salle community shared a few of their favorite fall traditions.

For French teacher Ms. Amanda Barker, fall is one of her favorite seasons. 

Ms. Barker’s favorite activity during the fall is  “taking walks in the forest to see all the leaves changing,” she said. 

Between the major fall holidays, her favorite holiday is, without hesitation, Halloween. As for her favorite candy, “The Reese’s pumpkins are a classic,” she said. “I also like pretty much any gummy candy.”

Ms. Barker loves to watch fun Halloween movies like “Hocus Pocus,” “Halloween Town,” and “Practical Magic,’ and when she is not watching spooky Halloween movies, she likes to watch fall sports. One of her favorites is figure skating, but another sport she enjoys is baseball, specifically the World Series.

Out of the fall scents, Ms. Barker’s favorites are apple or maple-scented things. In addition, she enjoys the signature apple-flavored treats of fall, and loves to get cozy by curling up with warm apple cider.

As for fall clothing trends, Ms. Barker is not a big fan of wearing fuzzy boots — instead, you can catch her wearing her favorite combat boots. 

Another teacher who loves the fall season is math teacher Ms. Kristin Boyle. 

One of her favorite fall desserts is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. To Ms. Boyle, chocolate chip cookies are “the best desserts that exist in the world,” she said. To make these cookies fall themed, she likes to bake pumpkin into the cookies.

Her favorite fall drink is a pumpkin spice latte, but she also enjoys cooking cider on the stove, adding her own twist by incorporating spices, cloves, and oranges. In addition to fall flavors, she also enjoys fall scents by lighting a honeycrisp-scented candle every night.

One activity she enjoys participating in every year during the fall with her family is what she calls a “spooky walk.” Her family walks through their neighborhood and looks at all of the houses that are decorated for Halloween, and sometimes her kids dress up in their Halloween costumes. 

Ms. Boyle loves sunny fall days. Her ideal weather is thirty-five degrees with bright blue skies.

Ms. Boyle’s favorite show to watch during the chilly fall weather is “Gilmore Girls,” which she is currently rewatching. Ms. Boyle loves this show because “it’s comforting,” she said. 

As for fall holidays, she most enjoys celebrating Thanksgiving. She loves this holiday because it’s family-centered, and because she can enjoy being with people without the pressure of giving presents like one does on Christmas. 

There are a lot of aspects that make fall special for people, whether it is the colorful leaves, cozy drinks, or blustery fall afternoons, so go out and enjoy this fall season.   

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