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Student of the Week: Ryan Lengkeek

Jasmine McIntosh
Student athlete and musician Ryan Lengkeek has a passion for making new friends and memories anywhere he ventures.

For freshman Ryan Lengkeek, music has always been a large part of his family and his personal aspirations. “My grandmother was a professional clarinet player for a time, and my dad plays in a band,” he said. They have continuously supported and encouraged him to play instruments and be active in the music scene.

Lengkeek has been playing piano for six years now and is currently in the La Salle band playing the saxophone. “It’s a very small program, but we are all dedicated,” he said. 

Not only is he involved in La Salle’s music program, Lengkeek, who has been running since sixth grade at Sellwood Middle School, has also already joined La Salle’s cross country team. 

Although Lengkeek is still not fully solid on his exact plan for future extracurricular activities, he is interested in speech and debate, which he participated in at his previous school, and the swim team.

As his freshman year progresses, Lengkeek is eager to participate in even more of the programs that La Salle offers. From clubs to sports to any new opportunity, he is excited and ready to jump in. 

Lengkeek is especially looking forward to the future immersion trips, as one of his best memories is from a Spanish class trip he took to Panama last year.

Spanish II is one of Lengkeek’s favorite courses at La Salle. “I always learn something new in Spanish [and] every day I’ll learn a new vocabulary word, a new grammar thing,” he said. “And I feel like I am getting measurably better at Spanish.” 

Outside of academics and sports, Lengkeek highly values his social life, taking great care to seize all opportunities to meet new people. “I love making new friends,” he said. “I love learning about new people and talking to new people.”

Lengkeek takes pride in his ability to make friends in any environment. “I like being not confined to just one clique of people,” he said. “I like being able to navigate that social space.”

For him, confidence is key.

He admires and likes to surround himself with people who hold that trait of self-assurance, describing his best friend as “just so confident in herself,” he said. “She knows what she wants, and she’s so self-accepting.” He also notes his appreciation of a good sense of humor in a person. “If I’m going to be around you for a long time, you better be funny,” he said. 

In a combination of both virtues, Lengkeek’s biggest inspiration is the witty, pink-loving, and flamboyant Elle Woods from the cult classic Legally Blonde. “She became so successful while not changing anything about herself,” he said. 

In the fast-approaching future, Lengkeek hopes to keep his grades high, his musical and athletic skills improving, and his social circle growing in both strength and numbers.

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