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Student of the Week: Lilith Fickle

Jasmine McIntosh
Lilith Fickle’s biggest role model is her mom because she works hard and has done a lot for her family.

Junior Lilith Fickle has enjoyed her experience here at La Salle so far, especially the fact that it has more of an open environment compared to her middle and elementary school, Portland Adventist Elementary School.

Fickle enjoys “getting to know people more and a bigger environment,” she said. “It’s a good change of people, which I like.”

Fickle loves the welcoming and inclusive community at La Salle and how “they treat you just like as if you’re a friend,” she said.

Throughout all the years she has been at La Salle, she loves the fact that she has been able to make new friends, connections, and a “new confidence,” Fickle said. 

Fickle also likes how “the teachers are very personable, and how you can kind of just feel like you can just go up to them and get help,” she said. “It makes it easy to do well.”

Her favorite subject here at La Salle is English because “I like how it can be super creative and kind of up to you how you write,” she said.

Football games, prom, and school assemblies are activities Fickle looks forward to attending during the school year.

She also enjoys how “La Salle does a pretty good job at being inclusive for the most part,” she said. “The different assemblies, I think [are] good for representing different communities.”

Besides school, Fickle taught herself how to play guitar and loves playing it.

“It wasn’t too hard,” she said. Because of her dad’s love for music, he has helped her pick out the resources and materials she needs and helped her get on the right track for guitar. 

Her taste of music is a mix of rock and ‘90s music. “My favorite artists probably are Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey, The Smashing Pumpkins, Alex G, Fiona Apple, and many others,” she said. In the future, Fickle would love to be involved in the music industry.

Right now Fickle has her own pop-up thrift store named Side Eye Finds, where she sells at different flea markets and on Depop, and also loves her job at Dutch Bros.

“I got into thrifting because I really enjoy fashion and creating outfits, and thrifting is an entirely new way to find styles that aren’t as mainstream from fast fashion,” she said. “It’s also just super fun when you find something.”

Fickle started selling on Depop and Poshmark in middle school to start making more money. Eventually it started to become a more serious job, and she now continues this hobby to this day.

Coffee is a passion for Fickle, so working at Dutch Bros is a great environment that she loves to be in. “I feel like I have learned a lot socially from working there, and it, so far, has been a great experience to get me out of my comfort zone and to meet new people,” she said. 

She has always wanted to live in New York and sees herself heading in that direction in the future because she “would love to live somewhere where something is always happening,” she said.

“I think it’d be super amazing,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to go to New York, and it just feels like a whole different experience.”

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