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In More Ways Than One, Ezra Moody Carries Out His Campaign Promises

Jasmine McIntosh
As Ezra Moody continues his term as Student Body President, he is pushing for more affinity group presence.

As senior Ezra Moody approaches his final semester at La Salle, he is leaving behind a legacy as the 2023-2024 Student Body President, and has recently achieved the fulfillment of his campaign promises to shave his head and improve student alliances if elected.

He attributes his leadership skills to his former position as co-Officer of Inclusion. “The role gave me a lot more time to work on time management, project planning, working with others, negotiation, [and] people skills,” Moody said. 

Despite the former introduction to the executive board, Moody credits his success as Student Body President thus far to his ability to stay true to his campaign promises, especially shaving his head, which to him, represents his dedication to the La Salle student body. 

In addition, the commitment was on his bucket list, and was also a necessary part of his Halloween costume. “I wanted to dress up like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender,” he said. “I thought it would be cool.”

During lunch on Oct. 27, Moody and his friends decided it was that time to follow through on his pledge. “All my friends helped me out, so I grabbed up the razor, brought it to school, and went pretty deep [within my hair],” he said. 

With a shaved head and a dedicated mindset, senior Ezra Moody looks forward to his second semester as student body president, hoping to bring greater visibility to La Salle’s affinity groups. (Kayley Nguyen)

As for his other campaign promise, when it came to finding a focus for the school year, Moody identified something that he felt was lacking at La Salle: affinity group participation. As a member of the Asian Pacific Islander Group and a co-moderator of the Pride Alliance, this realization was especially prevalent for Moody.

Because of this, he is striving to make affinity groups a more prominent part of La Salle. 

“I’m working with a lot of affinity group leaders,” Moody said. “The nice thing about Leadership is [the majority] of leaders are in that class, meaning I can talk and connect with them easily.” After having their first Latino Heritage Month assembly and also fundraising for Native American Heritage month, Moody is just getting started. 

During his campaign, Moody was given support by his second-in-command Violet Sheehan, who is the current Vice President. In previous years, the leadership team has served as an inspiration for Moody, as he admires former Vice President Catie Tassinari. “She is someone who is a very hardworking person, who is able to do a lot when it comes to working with others, and also she’s a very caring and organized person,” he said. 

Another source of inspiration and motivation for Moody was student council adviser Ms. Adriana Noesi, as he strived to strengthen his relationship with her. “She is someone who is really fun, very exciting, and always wants to keep school spirit,” Moody said. “But she also knows how to [de-escalate] situations if there’s tension involved.” 

Looking into the future, Moody and the executive student council plan to travel to middle schools for leadership workshops, giving the next generation of leaders a source of inspiration and the ability to develop their own values.

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