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From Pioneer to Falcon: My Experience With Two Teams

Jasmine McIntosh
Before I came to La Salle I thought of it as a small prep school without a worthy football team. I didn’t know anything about La Salle until the end of my sophomore year. Now, I’m here playing football with an entirely new team.

I started tackle football in the third grade because my parents wanted an active kid and I’ve stuck with it through everything. However, I never had a real love for participating in football until the end of my freshman year when I realized that football was more than just a game. Football is a home and your team is your family. We grow together through daily doubles in 100-plus degree weather and all the practices on cold, rainy nights.

The purpose of team bonding and growing together became clear to me as I reflected on the experience of being a member of two different teams so far. At the start of my junior year, I transferred from Oregon City High School to La Salle. This change from one school to another and adapting to a new team culture was difficult, especially because I grew up in Oregon City. It is a part of who I am.

Though I’ve been at La Salle for a short period of time, I feel the student body is friendlier than the students at my previous school. I’ve especially noticed this in the football team because in the past, I struggled to find my place on the team. The expectations for players at Oregon City are much higher than at La Salle but the team has helped me at every turn. When I ask for help from teammates or coaches, they never fail to lend a helping hand, whether it’s with schoolwork or the work we do in practice. 

While the La Salle community is great, the style of coaching is different compared to that of Oregon City. At Oregon City, the football team was held to a higher standard off the field, whether it was with grades or being a role model. At La Salle, it just doesn’t feel the same. Maybe it’s because of having new coaches or getting used to different rituals, but to me La Salle lacks the team chemistry that I’ve expected from a winning team. But despite this, the Falcons work.

Oregon City has a lot of support from the community; people are always looking to help out and donate to the football team. Oregon City has almost 2,000 students and a lot of support for team families. What shocked me the most is that even though La Salle is a much smaller school than Oregon City, the level of support from the community could closely rival that of Oregon City in terms of sheer effort. 

When dinner for the team was needed at Oregon City, there was always a select few that would help out and donate to the team fundraisers. But at La Salle, we have a good group of parents and volunteers that help out with anything we need. It’s worth mentioning this as the Oregon City football team almost doubles La Salle’s team and it has the same level of support. 

La Salle’s practice is much more physically enduring compared to Oregon City’s. But with that being said, it has produced our 8-2 winning season. I’m glad to be a part of the team we’ve created. Although our season was cut short of a long playoff run, I have hope for the future seasons. We will get better and, one day, make it all the way to the championship. 

When I first transferred to La Salle, I was uneasy about how I felt about the team and where we were going as a program due to the differences from my previous school. Now, I don’t harbor any uncertainty on where we are going. I can see La Salle being at the top of the 4A conference for years to come with Coach Janz at the helm. I’m excited for the future of La Salle’s football team. 

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