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A Focus on Science: Falcons Form Science Olympiad Team

Olivia Hungerford
As the Science Olympiad team’s inaugural season gets underway, students will work together in small groups to become experts on scientific subjects.

La Salle students and fans will have one more team to support this year. For the first time, the school will have a Science Olympiad team, with students avid about science diving deep into various scientific topics, and eventually competing against other schools.

The team will participate in exam-based events, lab-based events, and design events, in subjects ranging from Astronomy to Anatomy and Physiology to Robotics.

Freshman Neena Gibson originally had the idea of starting the team, and didn’t waste time in getting others onboard. “[Gibson] was super stoked about it and came in and basically had a little pitch,” science teacher and team advisor Mr. Ryan Kain said. “I was like, ‘shoot, that sounds super cool.’”

Gibson was motivated by what she saw as a lack of extracurricular opportunities for students interested in science, and wanted to help fill that void. “We had a writing club, battle of the books. We didn’t really have anything focused on science,” Gibson said. 

The pieces fell into place, and Gibson and Mr. Kain were able to put together a group to lead the team. Along with Gibson, Senior Ezra Moody will also be a student leader of the team, while innovation and design teacher Ms. Carie Coleman and physics teacher Mr. Jon Owen will be advisors alongside Mr. Kain.

Ms. Coleman is excited by the avenues that Science Olympiad will provide for students to explore topics that they are passionate about. “I think that this is a great opportunity for students to really take a deep dive into an area that they love,” Ms. Coleman said. “Something that we wouldn’t be able to do in class, but to give them the parameters and support to be able to learn in depth.”

Mr. Kain is also impressed with the scope of scientific fields that students will be able to participate in, specifically highlighting the forensics event. “The forensics team is a hybrid event that has both an exam component, but also a lab, like ‘figure out who done it’ sort of scenario and that’s just so cool,” Mr. Kain said.

The team is open to anyone who is passionate and curious about science. “It covers a wide range of subjects, so if you’re interested in science at all, you can figure out what you like,” Gibson said.

The team will meet and practice in groups throughout the next few months. On Mar. 16, they will travel to the University of Portland to compete in the state tournament against fellow students from across Oregon.

To get involved, talk to Mr. Kain, Ms. Coleman, or Mr. Owen, or send a message to Ezra Moody or Neena Gibson.

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