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Student of the Week: Jonas Caddell

Jasmine McIntosh
Junior Jonas Caddell thinks his friends would describe him as a chill, laid back person.

Junior Jonas Caddell started his academic experience at St. Agatha Catholic School before coming to high school. He chose to come to La Salle three years ago, after falling in love with the small, close-knit community. 

Caddell particularly enjoys his Honors Spanish III class taught by Spanish teacher, Ms. Amy Gantt. Although Ms. Gantt is his favorite teacher and her class is his favorite, “Spanish doesn’t come that easy to me, so it takes a lot of repetition to get the hang of it,” Caddell said. He also mentioned that he wants to continue taking Spanish classes in college. “That’s going to be a big goal of mine, for sure, is to be able to be decently fluent in Spanish,” he said.

Caddell enjoys being on the La Salle golf team, specifically because it helps him with stress.

“I’ve been golfing since I was three, honestly, but I really started to get into it [my] eighth grade year and freshman year,” he said. “I just like being on the course.”

Caddell cherishes his golf clubs and considers them his most prized possession. “I treat them like children,” he said. He takes good care of them because they’re expensive and he uses them every time he golfs, which is quite often. 

Caddell went to Hawaii for the first time recently, and considers it a favorite place because he made so many memories there. He went with his mom’s side of the family, most of whom don’t live in the United States. “They came from all over the world,” he said. “I don’t get to see them that much.”

Caddell is close with his family, and also especially appreciates his dog, Oliver. “He comforts me kind of when I come home and stuff like that,” he said.

When asked what his advice for freshmen was, he recommends staying on top of missing work. “That’ll develop a really good habit for the rest of your high school career,” he said. “If you start missing a lot of assignments, it’s kind of easy to keep letting that pile on and it can be kind of mentally draining to have that many missing assignments affecting your grades.”

Looking forward, Caddell’s hopes are to get through high school and college with a good mindset.

When he was a little kid, Caddell wanted to be a basketball player for the NBA or an engineer. Now, his career goals are not as set in stone. Though he is hoping to get into a good college, Caddell does not have a particular school or major he wants to get into yet.


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