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Behind the Scenes of the Cheer and Dance Merger

Jasmine McIntosh
La Salle’s cheer team shows off their moves with their pink pom-poms at the Barbie-themed homecoming game on Thursday, Oct. 5.

After the resurrection of La Salle’s cheer team in 2022, this year the squad has merged with the preexisting dance team, with cheer absorbing several former Falcon dancers. The combination of the two teams has allowed for a wider variety of talents, with aspects of both sports able to be incorporated.

Sophomores Mady Lifshutz and Leah Melvin are both new to cheer this year, having participated in dance last year. So far, they’re loving the change. “It’s very welcoming and it feels like a family,” Lifshutz said. 

Melvin is glad to be on the cheer team this year, and her coaches have made the transition a lot easier. “I feel like the coaches are really good at teaching and supporting us when we’re learning new things,” Melvin said. 

Lifshutz echoed this sentiment. “Our coaches are amazing and they’re able to give individual corrections,” she said. “They always strive for us to do better.”

Both Lifshutz and Melvin find that the cheer team facilitates a comfortable and supportive environment.

In addition to dance, cheer has gained members from other sports teams.

Senior Brooke Posner has been a cheerleader for two years. She spent her first two years at La Salle as a member of the volleyball team. However, when she got the opportunity to become a cheerleader, she took it. “I’ve always wanted to be a cheerleader,” Posner said.

Posner is very passionate about cheerleading. She loves her team, her coaches, and the sport itself. “I feel like cheer is a really uplifting sport,” Posner said. “It’s really upbeat and fast.”

In Posner’s opinion, the combination of the two teams has been for the better because it’s added different strengths that have helped the team grow. “It’s been a really good thing because it’s been able to grow the program,” she said. “All the different levels of experience put together creates a really strong team.”

Though cheer may have a reputation as a girls-only sport, boys are more than welcome to join. “They really would appreciate guys [on the team],” Melvin said. “One of the last games we went to, the other team had a couple guys on it, and everyone was so jealous because that really adds to the team.”

As a whole, La Salle’s cheer team is working as hard as possible to achieve their goals, and everyone who wants to join can become a part of that.

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