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Athlete of the Week: Chris Rusth

Jasmine McIntosh
Chris Rusth has a tradition of eating a Payday candy bar before each Falcons football game.

Senior Chris Rusth is both a running back and a linebacker for La Salle’s varsity football team, a sport he’s been participating in since he arrived at La Salle during his junior year.

Rusth left his old school, Jesuit, because he was looking for a change, and a chance to go to school with more people he knows. At his previous high school, Rusth took part in a number of athletics such as baseball, basketball, and wrestling. However, upon coming to La Salle, he decided that joining the football team would be something fun to do as well as a good way to hang out with friends. 

For Rusth, the camaraderie of football is one of his favorite things about the game. Rusth considered all of the friends he has made, along with the 15 hours a week that he gets to hang out with them through football, as the most enjoyable aspect of the sport.

Additionally, Rusth enjoys the contact aspect of the game. However, according to him, this is also one of the biggest challenges about football. “You’re always sore,” Rusth said. “Everything always hurts all the time, because of all the contact. Every play you either end up on the ground or you get hit, and over time everything just hurts.”

Balancing athletics with academics can also be a challenging feat at times. That being said, Rusth has found ways to manage his busy schedule. “I utilize my honors pass, and last year, an iStudy,” Rusth said. “And I also learned not to procrastinate when I get home from practices, to just get my work done, and then I can do whatever I want.” 

Football takes up a lot of Rusth’s time, even outside of the school year. Working hard to prepare during the off season are big aspects of the sport. “All summer we have weight training and skills and agility, pretty much four days a week, all summer,” Rusth said.

Additionally, the team goes to camps and retreats, which allows them to bond and to get opportunities to gain experience in scrimmages. 

Outside of football, Rusth enjoys weightlifting and playing pickleball. He’s content with his playing ability, and even enjoys watching professional pickleball from time to time. 

Rusth watches college football and is an avid Oregon State Beavers fan. Rusth went on to express his distaste towards the University of Oregon Ducks, and showed great enthusiasm over their loss against the University of Washington Huskies in their Oct. 14 matchup.

As for the prospects of the La Salle Falcons, Rusth feels that their chances are promising. “We are doing pretty good. We’re on track to win [the] league title and host a playoff game, November 3.”  The team currently sits at 7 and 1, with one more home game to end the regular season on Oct. 27. 

During the rest of his time on La Salle’s football team, Rusth has a few goals he hopes to accomplish. “First of all, definitely, just don’t get hurt,” he said. “And just have fun and make friendships that last after high school and after college.” After graduating from high school, Rusth plans to go to college and hopes to go somewhere out of state.

Rusth has come a long way since he started playing football as a junior. Besides having to overcome a few injuries, learning the ins and outs of the sport was one of the biggest obstacles he had to face. However, Rusth said that, “once I kind of figured out my way around the sport, it became a lot easier to understand how to do my assignment on the field.” 

There are a couple of mentors that have been especially influential in Rusth’s journey as a player. He explained that both Coach Dustin Janz and Coach Alex Larez have had a big impact on him. They have pushed him to be the best version of himself, on and off the field, and have helped him to learn and improve upon his skills.

As for the rest of the season, Rusth offers an enthusiastic, “Falcon country, let’s fly!”

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