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Athlete of the Week: Ben Macias

Jasmine McIntosh
Sophomore Ben Macias enjoys the focused, but also fun dynamic of the La Salle soccer squad

Sophomore Ben Macias plays as both a striker and winger for the boys varsity soccer team at La Salle, and has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember.

Macias has enjoyed his time playing for La Salle, and especially values the team chemistry that they have been able to form. “There’s time spent together with friends and they become almost like brothers and it’s definitely a lot different than previous experiences I’ve had before high school,” Macias said. “It’s more familial, and you see these people every day.”

The team has been on a tear lately, sitting at first place in the league, and are in the top five in the state entering the final stretch of the season. Macias has confidence in the team’s ability entering the postseason. “The team morale is high,” Macias said. “I definitely think we’re winning the league and we’re definitely going really deep into that tournament.”

Despite going through a slight adjustment period entering high school, Macias has found his place at the varsity level. “You just gotta keep pushing through and when you get chances, you just gotta be calm and play simple,” Macias said.

Macias credits head coach Monty Hawkins for much of his development as a player, and a fair share of the team’s success this season. “He’s always encouraging,” Macias said. “He just lets us know what we need to hear [and] doesn’t hold anything back.”

Macias also highlights assistant coaches Danny Mwanga and David Leslie as having a positive impact on him, and is especially grateful for their insight and advice.

Macias is a big supporter of the English Premier League club Manchester United. He appreciates the impact and influence soccer has on a global scale. “There’s a good community around it,” Macias said. “It’s across the world, and there’s so many diverse people in it. It just brings them all together with a common sense of being.”

Along with playing at La Salle, Macias plays club soccer for Eastside Timbers, and likes aspects of both club and school soccer.

During the offseason, Macias makes sure to stay focused and improve in preparation for the coming season. “I’m definitely just going out there getting touches on a ball,” Macias said. “Running, conditioning. Just practicing your technical work.”

In the future, Macias is interested in continuing his soccer career at the collegiate level.

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