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Student of the Week: Regina Thomas

Jasmine McIntosh
Something that Freshman Regina Thomas especially enjoys is writing.

Regina Thomas, freshman, joined La Salle from St. Rose School in Portland, Oregon. “I like the community, [and] the sports programs [at La Salle],” Thomas said. So far she is liking the way high school is set up and the variety of class options that are available. 

Thomas motivates herself to work hard during the week — even though she is busy managing school, homework, and sports — so she can keep her weekends free. On the weekend, Thomas enjoys hanging out with her friends and going thrifting or shopping.

Thomas is taking a wide variety of classes this semester. Though the year has just started, her favorite class is Intro to Catholic Christianity with religion teacher Ms. Jane Nitschke. “I like all my teachers,” Thomas said, though her favorite is Mr. Frank, who teaches Geometry. “They’re good at teaching, they’re nice, and they’re welcoming.” 

Aside from academics, Thomas plays volleyball at La Salle. She says she is on a very supporting team, which has made it easier to make connections and surround herself in a good environment, something that is important as she makes the adjustment from middle school to high school. Though Thomas likes the sport and community, volleyball practices take up a lot of time during the week, leaving her to do homework right before bed.

Thomas moved back from Belgium to Oregon two years ago, having spent sixth and seventh grade there. Even though “it was kind of cold,” she liked it there. However, she is glad to be back in Oregon, where it is easier to make friends and the weather is warmer. “I’m a summer person,” Thomas said. 

As far as places to visit, Mexico is the destination vacation spot for her family, and Thomas has visited four times in her life. She enjoys the food in Mexico, along with the sunny weather and beaches that allow her to swim and surf. “I like going to Mexico,” Thomas said.

Thomas’ perfect day would take place in warm, summer weather. She imagines playing volleyball in the sun alongside her friends with music playing and fun snacks. Thomas’ preferred snacks for her perfect day and other occasions would be sushi along with Goldfish and Nerds Gummy Clusters. 

With a glimpse into the future, Thomas hopes to open her own boutique store. She is also thinking about going to college somewhere in California, where she would enjoy living and going to school in the warm weather.

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